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This Route Contains A Course Which Allows Any Ship To Fly Outside The Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield Firing Range And Land Anywhere On Earth Without A Permit For Those of You New To This The Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield Is Earth's Defense Grid That Orbits Beyond The International Space Station And Is Mass Locked With The Earth However The Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield Doesn't Surround All of Earth At 12pm And 12am It Is Possible To Fly Outside The Firing Range of The Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield While Traveling Towards Earth At 700c The Atmosphere Will Drop Your Cruise To Orbital Where You Can Use Your Shields To Smash Any Fightercraft Deployed To Intercept Once You've Reached Glide You Can Dock At A Cornucopia However Be Advised That Your Docking Bay Is Below The Cornucopia Beneath An Arena Keep This In Mind If You Plan To Make The Journey To The Earth's Surface Encountering A Cornucopia Bloodbath Would Be A Fatal Obstacle For Any "avox" Lucky Enough To Dock At Earth In A Ship Without A Permit That's An Interdiction I Avoided By Simply Using The Stargate I Didn't Know That At The Time The Hunger Games Was "official"

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Eta Serpentis -27.59375 / 5.03125 / 53.5625
#2 Sol 0 / 0 / 0 60,46 Ly