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bᅢᄊgre [TR-30A]
(Asp Explorer)
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4. 1. 2019
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102 145 148 Cr
Hangover day / CMDR trapisti's fourth logbook

Yesterday I wanted to make good progress, sadly I was so hungover that it was difficult to even exist.

My friend invited me to a private VR party. It was quite the experience, the designers of the place didn't try to emulate a real place. It was made out of small "worlds", spherical spaces where the dance floor is the inside of each sphere. The smaller worlds felt really disorienting, but the bigger ones were quite enjoyable. I still don't understand why do I have to pay for drinks at a VR party when all the drinks are synthesized by my ship, but I guess they have to make a living too.

All in all, I lost a day, but the human contact and a good talk with my friend was worth it. I suffered through the worst of the hangover with some films and several bowls of good soup.

Today I found some gas giants with water-based life forms on them. The interesting thing is that they were 40 ly apart in different systems. I wonder if they are the same species or just a coincidence.

I stopped at the Aucopp UY-E b29-1 system today and will continue my journey tomorrow.

A Close Call! / CMDR trapisti's third log

Back on the move again! After some minor maintenance and check-ups, I continued my voyage through space, and towards fame and riches! Well, maybe some riches, and some minor recognition. The important thing is that everything was in order, and deep space is calling for me. Calling to me? Whatever.

Today I made some good progress, I jumped across 15 systems, and scanned the best ones. But the highlight is for sure my own stupidity. While jumping to a new system, I had the "bright" idea of trying to launch a scanner probe at a star, just to see how far does it make it. Yeah, but the genius almost ex-commander of Bögre my favorite Ship, didn't slow down after the jump, and fired up the scanner ASAP, speeding me towards the star. Luckily the fuel scoop started to gather, and its heat shield held up the worst of the heat. I barely managed to steer away from the giant nuclear fireball that I was hurling towards.

Note to self: the majority of space is empty vacuum and particles not worthy for mentioning, but the rest is dangerous if you fly towards it at the speed of light. Also, let's check again for damages. I don't want to make a nice firework without an audience to see it.

Currently, I am at Aucopp FW-R c6-7 which has multiple high metal content planets, but the scanning has to wait for another day. Also, I was thinking of making this flight log a bit more formal, but to hell with it. I am a free man and I will write as chaotic as I want to.

Second day of a newbie explorer

I made my first bigger discovery! The Swoiwns ZQ-M c23-12 A 3 planet is a good candidate for terraforming at least, that's what my new program says. Of course, this won't happen for a long time, I am already over 1600 lightyears away from the bubble, but it makes me excited, that maybe someday people will learn my name in schools on this planet, that it was I who discovered their world. Or maybe my name will not be important enough, or just better planets will be found. Who knows, but at least this should bring in a pretty penny for me once I get back to port.

Start of a newbie explorer (CMDR trapisti's first log.)

CMDR trapisti's first log.

A few days ago I finished Collecting Guardian Data. Ram Tah was generous and paid me 110 million credits, with the exploration data bringing in a few more, I was around 126 million. Finally, I bought my Asp Explorer and fitted it out for exploring with the help of engineer Elvira Martuuk. At the moment I am at SWOIWNS QV-K D9-13 SYSTEM. I already scanned a few, some of them were not yet submitted, even tho I barely jumped 30 times with distances in the 39-40 lightyears! The vastness of space is beyond a human mind. On my way here nothing extraordinary happened, the new fuel scoop is working marvelously. The most interesting thing I came across so far was a gas giant with a ring around it which had a mining hotspot for void opals, but I guess it is not worth coming out this far with a miner. I will try to update this log when I have the time, for now, this is enough.