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Expedition summary
Starting date Jun 5, 2021, 7:00:00 PM
Arrival date Oct 9, 2021, 5:00:00 PM
Starting system Caeritis
Waypoints 0
Arrival system Beagle Point (DSSA Distant Worlds 'Endeavour')
Participants 30
  - Abandonment 0
  - Success 0
Estimated distance 65,304.55 ly
Expedition announce

Introduction to Expedition:Discovery 3307

Expedition:Discovery 3307 is about finding the unknown. It's about a quest across the blackness of space, to discover and examine new systems never before visited. It's about accomplishing a greater goal to see what's out there, to see what hasn't been seen, and to possibly catalog something not yet discovered. With less than 1% of the galaxy uncovered, who knows what we might find.

This June, let's travel across the galaxy together to see what's out there.

Expedition Layout

Ultimate Goal - Catalog as many systems as possible and upload the results along the journey to EDSM. Each CMDR will be assigned a generalized route across the galaxy with a start point and an endpoint to travel.

CMDRs can choose to route plot however they choose along their assignment so long as they travel along their designated path. You can travel above the galactic plane, below it, or travel back and forth between the two.

CMDRs will only be required to use the FSS (Full Spectrum Scanner) on systems that are: A) Never visited before by any CMDR previously B) Systems previously visited, however the amount of bodies identified with the Discovery Scanner do not correlate to the amount of bodies visible on the System Map

Expedition timer

Expedition starting time

Expedition waypoints
System Distance from start Participants reached Participants visited
#1 Caeritis
#2 Beagle Point (DSSA Distant Worlds 'Endeavour') 65,304.55 ly