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Ship information
This is Lakon Spaceways' new combat trader-class vessel, designed for hostile-environment deliveries and light support duties. It is based on the Type-6 frame but with extra weapon hardpoints. It has a reduced cargo capacity to support a higher class of powerplant, and can even accommodate a fighter bay. Its durability is improved by better defence capabilities for armour and shields. Its similar silhouette to the Type-6 makes it a suitable vessel for commerce raiding or convoy protection.

This ship requires at least a medium sized landing pad to dock.
Top speed:
200 m/s
Boost speed:
300 m/s
FSD range laden:
9.34 ly
FSD range unladen:
10.94 ly
99 MJ
Hull mass:
Cargo capacity:
42 t
3,048,000 cr
27 paintjobs available
Midnight Black
Mechanist Blue
Mechanist Pink
Mechanist Ash
Mechanist Charcoal
Mechanist Red
Mechanist Yellow
Military Dark Green
Military Desert Sand
Military Earth Red
Military Earth Yellow
Military Marine Blue
Military Sand
Tactical Cobalt
Tactical Khaki
Tactical Olive
Tactical Graphite
Tactical Crimson
Tactical Ice
Vibrant Blue
Vibrant Green
Vibrant Orange
Vibrant Purple
Vibrant Red
Vibrant Yellow