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  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the next 3 jumps here ! - Use Dr. Kaii's Fuel Calculator at this waypoint, before moving on to the next waypoint. You must use a J2 to get to the next system on the route and continue through all the waypoints as instructed for it to be accurate.

Note : In Beta it required a heatsink to safely land at basecamp 1 (Hades Edge - see the video on post #2). Testing the route in 2.2 the orbits have shifted and the worlds no longer sit within the stars corona, so a heat sink may no longer be required. But take one just incase the basecmap world has an elliptical orbit and is back in the corona by Jan 15th.

Important information for the Distant Stars Fleet.

The DSE fleet has now in excess of 350 starships. This will require coordination and timing to give us the most stable and incident free launch from Obsidian Orbital.

We currently have 7 flotilla flagships. These flagships will act as wing beacons and will all be in separate instances from one another.

The 7 ships will be piloted by the following commanders:

CMDR Dr. Kaii (EU Timezone) CMDR Erimus (EU Timezone) CMDR Susanna Saunders (EU Timezone) CMDR 27duuude (US Timezone) CMDR Marlon Blake (US Timezone) CMDR Jermus (US Timezone) CMDR grnbrg (US Timezone)

Each flotilla will wing in a maximum of 50 pilots into their individual instance.

DSE participants are advised to send in game friend requests to each of the beacon pilots. If you want to join an official fleet instance during the fleet build up at Obsidian Orbital, you will need to hail one of the beacon pilots and request a wing invite.

The procedure:

  1. Join the Fleetcomm private group.
  2. Send friend requests to ALL beacon pilots. (Do that anytime between now and Sunday 1800 gametime)
  3. From 1700 gametime on Sunday, begin massing in orbit around Maia Prime.
  4. In game choose a beacon pilot and ask for a wing invite. The beacon pilot will add you as soon as they can or ask you to hail another beacon pilot. Once you're winged, engage wingman navlock onto your beacon pilot, and head to obsidian orbital. You should arrive within the same instance as your chosen beacon pilot.
  5. Once you're confirmed as being in an official instance outside of Obsidian Orbital, please leave the wing, then help wing in fellow fleet members by sending out wing invites to those requesting wings on the DSE Wings Channel.
  6. Once your instance approaches 50 players, immediately cease winging pilots in.

At 1800 Gametime the 7 beacon pilots will coordinate a mass launch. All ships in the flotilla need to set course to Merope, and align to that system. Keep an eye on local chat for the launch countdown. Everyone is to launch on your beacon pilots command.

This concludes the launch event.

From Merope pilots are free to travel to the next waypoints at your leisure (coordinated jumps not required), but please be at Hades Edge basecamp by 1930 if possible, and early arrivals please help fellow pilots reach the landing site by sending out wing invites to those asking for them in local chat.

The fleet will spend approx. 1 hour at the Hades Edge basecamp to give late arrivals and stragglers time to catch up.

At 2030 the fleet will depart for the Cancri Climb waypoint. From there the next fleet mass gathering will be at the Descion Point neutron star at 2200. Once the fleet has assembled, another mass jump will occur into the AH Cancri star system. This concludes day 1 of the DSE mission.

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Aries Dark Region XU-O b6-3 (Star Anise (alien encounter)) -48.5625 / -163.46875 / -212.125
#2 Maia (Obsidian Orbital (and other settlements in the Pleiades)) -81.78125 / -149.4375 / -343.375 136.11 Ly
#3 PSR J0751+1807 (Keck Binary Pulsar) 470.09375 / 469.125 / -1122.21875 1,137.45 Ly
#4 HD 49368 (Hades Edge) 757.46875 / 67.84375 / -1424.375 578.71 Ly
#5 Outotch LJ-P d6-0 (The Cancri Climb) 1313.8125 / 712.40625 / -1747.40625 910.67 Ly
#6 Outotch JO-P d6-0 1299.3125 / 777.375 / -1773.53125 71.51 Ly
#7 Outotch JO-P d6-1 1310.4375 / 842.84375 / -1755.96875 68.69 Ly
#8 Outotch HT-P d6-0 1295.78125 / 867.625 / -1780.34375 37.72 Ly
#9 Outotch FY-P d6-0 1309.75 / 944.90625 / -1782.09375 78.55 Ly
#10 Outotch DD-Q d6-0 1306.28125 / 1018.1875 / -1776.96875 73.54 Ly
#11 Outotch WG-S d5-0 1380.0625 / 1177.65625 / -1861.46875 194.97 Ly
#12 Outotch SA-U d4-0 1375.5 / 1224.4375 / -1901.78125 61.92 Ly
#13 AH Cancri 1343.96875 / 1439.21875 / -1871.53125 219.18 Ly
#14 2MASS J08513244+1147523 1387.3125 / 1481.625 / -1928.75 83.37 Ly
#15 HD 76133 (Anaconda's Graveyard) 1645.34375 / 1728.3125 / -2128.59375 409.11 Ly