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Welcome to week 3 and week 4 of The Magellan Experience. This guide will cover two weeks at a time and a total of 14,828.57 LY between the Skull and Crossbones Nebula and the DSSA Nereus' Deep at Way Point 8. During the third week we will also pass by Nye's Bowtie at waypoint 6 where Cmdr Khadean has brought a fleet carrier set up as a fuel stop to sell tritium for refueling The Extended Warranty, Halpy's Revenge, and the SWS//Lockheart. If anyone would wish to assist the carriers in refueling as cargo haulers, we will have the three official carriers set up to purchase the tritium from you at approximately 75,000cr/tonne. Pending what Cmdr Khadean sets his sell price to, this could net a tidy profit for any enterprising commanders willing to assist in the refueling efforts.

If you're flying with the SWS//Lockheart as it departs on the 18th of December 3307 at 0000 GMT you'll also get an opportunity to stop by this fuel station and partake in this credit making opportunity. That said, as we're getting further out on the galactic arm stars will begin to become less dense. For those of you with lower jump ranges we advise you to take the opportunities at any of the mentioned POIs to collect Jumponium to ensure you can manage to navigate in some of the more sparse areas of the galaxy later in the trip.

You'll notice that after our penultimate point of interest this week there is a very wide gap to the final way point. This helps illustrate the importance of helping locate new points of interest along this arm. If you want to help contribute to this effort when you find something interesting remember to submit to Photos and Videos with the system name and POI. You can also submit your entries to the Galactic Mapping Project through their forum on the Frontier Forums. Help fill out this arm with new and interesting points of interest for future explorers to visit!

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Skull and Crossbones Neb. Sector HW-W c1-7 (Pirates Depot) 13387.90625 / 94.375 / -6769.78125
#2 Plua Thua AP-R d4-18 14888.96875 / 191.4375 / -3153.5 3,916.64 Ly
#3 Gludguae KW-J b23-0 15978.9375 / 176.78125 / -4402.71875 1,657.95 Ly
#4 Plae Thaa NH-V d2-9 (Nye's Bowtie) 17140.125 / 233.25 / -3366.125 1,557.59 Ly
#5 Hegeae EU-M c21-3 18026.84375 / 259.09375 / -2676.65625 1,123.52 Ly
#6 Preou Thua DY-Y c14-4 19268.0625 / 247.15625 / -1687.09375 1,587.45 Ly
#7 Hyuedau LV-Y d34 (Malcolm's World) 20197.8125 / 284.21875 / -965.4375 1,177.54 Ly
#8 Hyuedau UY-S e3-5 (Hyon Cluster) 19779.6875 / -5.21875 / -320.0625 821.65 Ly
#9 Engopr YH-L b14-2 (DSSA Nereus’ Deep) 24463.625 / -63.3125 / 3088.71875 5,793.31 Ly