PQ Monocerotis (Cone Nebula & Star Custer) [#9706055733570]


This system is located at: 855.5625 / 93 / -2018.15625

Galactic coordinates: R: 2,193.990 / l: 202.974 / b: 2.429
Equatorial coordinates: Right ascension: 6h 41m 52.878s / Declination: 9° 58'4.384''

This system requires Unknown permit to be entered.
Traffic report

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Madrigor on Jan 3, 2016, 7:26:20 AM.

It was named by the Galactic Mapping Project with the name of: Cone Nebula & Star Custer

2 ships passed through PQ Monocerotis space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through PQ Monocerotis space in the last 24 hours.

A small compact nebula situated within a large elongated star cluster on the near edge of the Orio-Persean Gap.

For reasons currently unknown, the Pilots Federation requires a permit to enter system PQ Monocerotis. This permit has not been made available to the public.