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Commander name:
Current ship:
Ormen Lange [OL-001]
(Federal Corvette)
Member since:
Dec 10, 2016
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Systems discovered first:
194,256,395 Cr
Down with the Monopoly!

So I was well on my way to visit Arque to upgrade my ship thrusters, only to find the place empty! Literally no trace of the guy in the system. Now I of course have some intel on where the shop is, but upon checking closer, it seems he's fled the system for some reason, and gone all the way to Maia. At least that's what the rumors say, but I have no way of verifying it outside taking the whole damn trip over there.

Well, I can't very well be expected to go all the way over there when there's a Thargoid danger going on! Also I have absolutely no assurance that he'll even fix up my thrusters!

But all is not lost. There are competitors, right? WRONG! The only other guy in the entire galaxy who does these kinds of upgrades is of course also on the other side of the galaxy... Like I'm going to snail myself all the 22,000 Ly to Colonia in a ship that barely does 20 Ly a jump!

And why am in this heap of trouble anyway? Because of monopoly, that's why! If it weren't for this asshole "Professor" Palin (like you have to be a professor to juice up engines) hoarding all thruster tech for himself on this part of the galaxy, I could have just gone to someone else. But oh no, not in this case...

Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to get my exploration rig transported here, and change ships, so I can see if he's still offering engineering services this side of the galaxy. Because I'm sure as hell not going to help out a guy who skips town for whatever frivolous reason.

Engineering Corvette

So currently I'm working on my Federal Corvette "Ormen Lange". Today I got as far as this:

  • Heavy Duty Shield Booster IV needs more Electrochemical Arrays.
  • Heavy Duty Shield Booster V needs more Polymer Capacitors. I could do with some Antimony too, though I have 15.
  • For the Resistance Augmented Shiled Booster IV, I need Conductive Ceramics.
  • For the Resistance Augmented Shiled Booster V, I need Conductive Ceramics and Imperial Shielding.
  • I need a bunch of more Flow Controls for my boosters. They all seriously lack Security Firmware Patch.
  • Even though I already have 30 Focus Crystals, some more can't hurt. They're pretty easy to find, though.

So yeah, I've got my work cut out for me. I think probably the Flow Control takes priority, since I'm starting to feel the lack of power.

Hm, I also seem to lack:

  • Proto Light Alloys for Light Weight Scanner IV
  • and Conductive Ceramics, Proto Light Alloys and Proto Radiolic Alloys for Light Weight Scanner V...
  • And to get 100% FSD V I need more Chemical Manipulators and perhaps a few more Datamined Wake Exceptions.
  • Additionally I lack the Mass Manager. Hm... Might need a trip to Farseer for that.

And I haven't even gotten started on the weapons! Buuut I'll prioritize defence shielding and armor first.

Ship Swap Trip

So I need to fetch my Federal Corvette "Ormen Lange" in order to upgrade its shields. I can't merely get it sent, since it's "hot", so I'll have to hop into my Diamondback Explorer "Bubble Hopper" in order to manually fetch it. Then I'll have to find a way to pay off that darn fine before I go for upgrades...

Lavian Brandy

Ok, it's time to get that Lavian Brandy to Didi Vatermann. I got my T6 waiting on the pad in George Lucas, ready to get some bottle hunting on!

Pleasantly, it wasn't too hard. Lave is pretty close to Didi's place, but because of politics I still had to make an inordinate amount of trips to get the shipment through. I probably could have used a lesser ship than the T6 "Carrywell", but it's pretty well engineered at this point, and just about as nimble and quick as any other ship in my fleet, so I figured why not. That auto-docking feature is a life saver when doing many trips, however.

HIP 17044 under Thargoid attack

So I was really looking for materials, but as I tried to look for signa sources in this system, all I could ever find were distress calls and something called "non-human signa source." Being completely unarmored, I'm not sure whether this should prompt my exit, or if I should put my science vessel to good use... Hm!

Mexicassa hotspot report

Mexicassa 1:

  • Alexandrite × 5,
  • Bromellite × 3,
  • Grandidierite × 8,
  • Low Temperature Diamonds × 2,
  • Void Opals × 3.

Mexicassa 3:

  • Bromellite × 3,
  • Grandidierite × 1,
  • Void Opals × 1.

Mexicassa 4:

  • Alexandrite × 1,
  • Benitoite × 1,
  • Grandidierite × 1,
  • Musgravite × 3,
  • Serendibite × 1.

Mexicassa 5:

  • Alexandrite × 4,
  • Grandidierite × 1,
  • Low Temperature Diamonds × 6,
  • Void Opals × 3.

Mexicassa 6:

  • Bromellite × 1,
  • Low Temperature Diamonds × 1.

Mexicassa 6 F:

  • Low Temperature Diamonds × 1.

Just some probing while grinding engineers.

Engineering Consent

It's time to get a few more engineers. However one of them require combat bonds. So I guess it's off to combat then! Good thing I've started to get my Federal Corvette up to speed.

Anyway, so unlocking engineers is what I'm up to now. I've gone through about five engineers now, from The Sarge to Hera Tani, and I'm still looking to unlock more. Now I'm off to get combat bonds for Col. Bris Dekker.

Before that I've tried to influence a system, just on a whim, but it took quite a bit longer than I envisioned. So I dropped it and just went for the cigars. Currently I'm headed out to Sceptrum to fight in the war.


A cheer for my buddy who's finally saddling up in his new Sidewinder! Great to have you along!

Cigar Town

I really need these bandits out of my system. I need those cigars, and there won't be a sizable amount with all those pirates around. So... It's time for some Deus Vulture! Yes, I know it's un-engineered. But that's what I'm working on! It is all according to plan (I hope).

HIP 14045 - Engineering

I'm in the process of engineering my ships. Through both cajoling and some perhaps underhanded measures, I've finally been able to make contact with Hera Tani. It's time to boost that energy output. But also, there's just a ton more engineering to do to finish my new pet, the Federal Corvette. I don't know what Hera will think about that, but I suppose she'll do it for cash, like anyone else.