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Krait MkII [SO-13K]
(Krait MkII)
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Aug 18, 2017
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3,438,304,426 Cr
Home Stretch

I made it to Flaming Star Logistics Centre near the Flaming Star Nebula yesterday & continued onwards to Ring Mine in 2MASS J03291977+3124572 today. An easy trip with short waypoints. These were the final asteroid stations in the Outer Rim that I had not yet visited. The final waypoint is in the California Nebula, which I have visited before.

My rudders started to play up in the Asp after leaving Ring Mine. Not sure the quirk, but likes to keep me spinning! Battled my way to Darwin Research Station to dock and repair. With station servers going offline shortly, I will have to continue my final leg tomorrow to T Tauri.

It's been a fun little trip!

Speed Runs

Making it safely out of Hell, I changed my mind and headed upwards on the galactic plane towards the Rosette Nebula about 2k lys away. Not a lot of good discoveries meant the run was relatively quick. Such beautiful, bold reds in the Rosette Nebula.

I didn't hang around for long, heading out shortly after some quick repairs at the New Beginning asteroid station found in the sector. Onto a longer leg of around 3k lys to the Crab Nebula. After a lacklustre upwards trip on the last leg, I went downwards this time, around 1k lys to a neutron star I spotted. Area down here is almost untouched by explorers with a lot of good first discoveries being made (a double water world orbiting a neutron was a highlight), but the true find was frequent neutron stars that I used to boost my way. At 200 lys per jump, it made the 3k lys journey very quick. I did not expect to make it here for another day!

The contrasting patchy colours of the Crab Nebula really do give it a different feel from the last few red nebulas. No trouble on the way to Station X, a mining outpost in boom. Not much for an explorer here, so I will rest up and continue on my way in the morning. Now over 50% through, the remaining legs start to get closer back to the bubble.

Hell's Run

The length of the next leg is inconsequential, but the destination isn't; Hell Port in the Seagull Nebula. I've been on the wrong side of the tracks before & dealt with pirates, but this is somewhat different. The system is entirely controlled by the Black Flag Gang - all pirates with no local opposition! Some say you'd be hard pressed to find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than Hell port, other say this is true freedom from authority. Either way, I must first survive the 10k ly journey in system to dock without being caught by a pirate.

When I arrived it started well, my small ship flying under the radar as I completed my scans, but as I approached Hell Port I was caught in an interdiction with a Master FDL. Knowing that just one or two shots could destroy my lightweight AspX, I fought back to escape. After a minute I broke free, relieved I resumed course and docked quickly. Arrived just in time to see the Sunrise over Hell.

With my exploration data, I will be able to become ally here & hopefully buy my safe passage out. Although there is a shipyard (even with a Krait!) & other facilities, there is limited local missions. It does however look like a great spot to find high paying passenger tourist missions. Before garnishing too much attention, I slipped out of the docks and continued on my way. Will head below the galactic plane next and see where it takes me.

Barnard's Loop Challenge

I think I missed most of the group out here at Orion's Nebula, so I pushed onwards to Thor's Helmet Nebula & Sagan Research Centre asteroid station. I quickly became stuck on my second route plotting not far out, unable to find a way through. I then recall that there are multiple permit locked regions out here covering 100s of lys! After digging through the Tour information, came across the path through call The Oochorrs Corridor. Its a little out of the way but still beats going around.

It starts at HD 39343, and ends at Oochorrs DM-X c17-0. This splits through Col 70/NGC 2264 (Barnard's Loop) permit locked regions taking you 650lys to the other side. Once through I headed upwards on a curve till I reached Thor's Helmet, where I docked for the night. I am a little ahead on schedule but may rest up here before moving on to Waypoint 4.

Nebula's Heart

Embarked from 98 k Tauri today & made it to Waypoint 1 in HIP 23759 (Witch Head Science Centre). It was a short opening leg, so I made a detour to a nearby planetary nebula to the south in CD-26 1339. Well worth the visit, with a beautiful blue nebula contrasted with red planets and numerous bodies in the system (including a black hole). Ticked off Tourist Beacon 0015 too, located in the nebula.

Have docked at Witch Head Science Centre and will continue on hopefully tomorrow.

The Outer Rim Stations

I have to admit, I have been keen to get out and do a bit of exploration again. All this running around the bubble is starting to do my head in!

Signed up for The Outer Rim Station Tour, starting tomorrow a 16k ly trip around some local nebulas & far-flung (and little known) stations out beyond the bubble's limits. It will go for the month of July, 10 stops, I hope I can continue to make each waypoint in time given my limited time in the cockpit recently.


Start: 98 k Tauri
Waypoint 1: HIP 23759 in Witch Head Nebula  (Witch Head Science Centre / HIP 23759 Geysers / Barnacle Sites)
Waypoint 2: PMD2009 48 in Orion Nebula  (Orion Nebula Tourist Centre)
Waypoint 3: Thor's Helmet Sector FB-X C1-5  (Sagan Research Centre)
Waypoint 4: Seagull Sector DL-Y D3a  (Hell Port)
Waypoint 5: Rosette Sector CQ-Y D59  in Rosette Nebula (New Beginning)
Waypoint 6: Crab Sector DL-Y D9  (Station X)
Waypoint 7: Jellyfish Sector Fb-X C1-5  (Beta Site)
Waypoint 8: Flaming Star Sector LX-T B3-0  (Flaming Star Logistics Centre)
Waypoint 9: 2MASS J03291977+3124572 near NGC 1333  (Ring Mine)
Waypoint 10: California Sector BA-A E6  (Mic Turner Research Base)
Final Waypoint: T Tauri in Hind Nebula  (Hind Mine)
Exploring the Guardian Structures

The DBX has been put through its paces! After several semi successful tissue sample extractions on the Thargoids and some failures, I headed down to Ram Tah and acquired the second mission, Decrypting The Guardian Logs. Travelling in the DBX is slow going with the tiny fuel scoop, but around 1k lys out and I have found the Guardian Structures. The Guardian Sentinels rattled me for a short time till I started to use the structures to hide the SRV and take them out. Good fun in the end and lots of stuff to pick up.. then the cherry on top, powering up the data terminal.

I was able to complete 2 of 3 sites today, HD 63154 & Synuefe EU-Q c21-10, and got a lot of guardian materials (but not enough to unlock any Guardian blueprints yet) & 9 of the 28 log files. With a damaged hull, I headed back to Shinrarta Dezhra to rest up for the night. Not sure if I will head back out to repeat the same puzzle again. We will see.

Checking the net, came across this expedition that peaked my interest. Been meaning to visit the Outer Rim Stations (and Colonia). Seems like a good time to check it out:


Liquidation & Consolidation

The Galaxy was on a Tax Free break this week, offering boosted trade & engineering discounts. Taking advantage of the engineering discounts, I have been upgrading my main fleet. Some good upgrades at a good discount! My racer is almost hitting 900 on boost, combat ships have shield boosters maxed & weapons upgraded. All FSDs should also be at max engineering now. Noticing that I had not flown most of my fleet for the last year, I decided to sell off those ships & free up some capital. My trusty Vuture has been stripped & scrapped along with the bubble hopping Adder, my new Chieftain that I did not find a use for & the Courier I loved but rarely flew. Clipper that was setup for mining was also liquidated.

This left me with my AspX, Cobra III, iEagle, FDL, Python, Conda & Cutter. Best mix with best upgrades I have. Also just to even things out a bit, I purchased a DBX today specifically configured for the Guardian Ruins & Xeno hunting activities to give Ram Tah a visit for the latest mission. Cool running & zippy I have called it 'Want2Believe' :) Wish me luck..

It's Been A Long Time

In support of Ross 310 Natural Services (& ahem my addiction for new ship decals), I returned to combat this last week. Must be well over a year since I have had more than a small skirmish, but dusted off the FDL, gave it a service & fresh outfitting and headed out. Some hairy moments, but Cracka Jax held strong. Competition was stiff, with the added incentives on offer, but I managed to sneak into the top 10% of contributors by the end. Earning my fresh Gold Espionage CG Decal. Was great to do something different.

My mad material collection has continued as well. Stocks have started to fill, but much more to collect. I have enough that I have started re-engineering my treasured Asp Explorer, Ghost Digger, with max stats. I am almost finished, expecting well over 50lys! Hoping for a final build similar to this:,,,9p3Hp44v7iAkPcEkPcIkPcA3wHo40sPc50pD8phXEphXAN8Io56r7i8r7TEoPcGuUkMypDAdsGp40upD6s_U8qpDGyvMAsOHf22_006wPcB2QIp6IqpDMkPcOypDSx2aYqpDcqpDBNCHp32_Pc6y00Iu00Bcg1,,522Jh214pD4_PcBcg10KUGh214pD4_Pc7Q4Io52yPc6u00AwPcIlhXKqpD1IM42jwHs21000D4002UI1

Milestones Reached, Challenges Vested

Its been a quiet couple of months since my return from the Formidine Rift. I have got back into the routine of bubble life, slowly chipping away at my longer term goals. Along with some lucrative skimmer missions boosting the credit balance keeping me busy, my chipping away has yielded results this week. I have finally become ally with Brotherhood of Terra Mater acquiring the last permit I needed for Terra Mater system (well.. excluding the final known permit obtained via CQC) & achieved the rank of King in the Empire, while also sneaking in a couple of Federation rank increases unlocking the Corvette & reaching Vice Admiral. All the mission running has been good for the credit balance too!

I also bought an Alliance Chieftain but have yet to configure it up with Engineers. Nice little ship, although I have yet to test it out in proper combat, but now I have access to the Corvette I feel it may draw my attention...