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Elfstar [81w-dw]
(Asp Explorer)
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Jun 14, 2018
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DW2, WP4

Had a little fun tooling around in the SRV on this geologically active planet. Geysers blasted us to heights of 10km+

My SRV finally popped after accidentally landing on a passing AspX. Since I was not able to deploy my thrusters while in the vicinity of a ship, I strangely plummeted to my virtual death.

The nearest base for repairs was the Gagarin Gate planetary base, 1700ly away...

Fortunately, it's almost certainly in the direction of the fleet's travel, which will be lifting off 2 days from now.

I think I'll chill here until I get the new waypoint update and start travelling again.

Perhaps it's time to work on the old Alt acct. for a while.

Pru Aescus

This leg of the trek was pretty quiet. I went slow in order to get more exploration data and consequently I missed the departure date by 2 days. No big deal.

I did run into a "mystery CMDR" at the Abandoned Settlement Delta site. I hailed her, but got no response. C'est La Vie! When I was attacked by the hovering Vulture and Krait I hid my SRV under her Anaconda, which was funny.

I got drawn into the forum arguments about the gankers in E:D like an idiot. I don't feel anything but pity and disgust for the gankers -but their play style is 100% valid. They're not doing anything that isn't explicitly allowed by the rules of the game!

I feel like the whole situation is the fault of Fdev. They could implement policies and interesting game mechanics that would have real in game consequences for this kind of anti-social behavior that would curb it -but they flatly refuse to even acknowledge that there is a problem. Pathetic.

So now there is a fleet of gankers following DW2 in combat ships out to destroy as many explorers as possible, because... Help me out here... Why ARE they doing it? Because they can, I guess... There will always be miscreants who get off on ruining other people's fun; and given the tools to do so (100% blame to Fdev) THEY WILL.

A shout out to one CMDR "Sir Van Lyn" of the ganker fleet who hauled his combat rig all the way to Beagle Point. He's sitting there, all alone. Just waiting, on the off chance that some DW2 CMDR makes it all the way to Beagle Point and is flying in Open Play, just so he can hurt them and ruin their day.

Impressive. Impressively pathetic, but still impressive in it's own demented way...

Next stop: Pru Aescus

I was able to participate in both community events, thanks to the recent addition of (extremely) basic shipyard additions.

Turns out, mining is actually kinda fun. Who would have guessed.

Also, it turns out that bounty hunting in a stock sidewinder is not much fun at all... But the challenge was met, and I scored among the lowest percentile, but I did make a showing.

I now bid adieu to the Omega system and head onward with leg 3 of this trek.

For the next leg of this journey I dropped a couple hundred light years down and neg to begin exploring. It's a rather pristine area, and while I have yet to find any real gems (Earth-like, etc) my name is going on a good number of celestial bodies in the area.

Next stop, the abandoned settlements of Pru Aescus...


After a couple days flying out to Omega Mining, I must say I'm a little underwhelmed about my own performance. I've only banked about 14m in exploration data!

The last leg of this stretch I had to make a pit stop in the Lagoon Nebula after I popped my SRV somehow... I didn't discover a single system or decent planet on the 800+ ly journey between there and here.

I find the new exploration system to be tedious, but here we are. I've seen so many more one CMDR system sweeps now, it used to be there was almost always a gem or two that no one wanted to poke at. But now that people can just sit right next to the star and discover EVERYTHING in about 5 min or less... Why the hell not?

I hope I have it in me to make it all the way, but so far I'm lacking in motivation, especially because I was just getting back into combat back in The Bubble, not to mention totally missing out on the new Void Opal boom...

Time will tell.

Hit 1B banked

So says the title. Finally banked a billion credits. I plan to deplete that very quickly outfitting The Mistress Frost... Maybe...

As unbelievable as this sounds, I may sell her at some point in the near future...

Who am I kidding, I've sunk way too much into engineering to just drop it, but I really think I enjoy medium size ships more than Large ones!

I do NOT want to spend the better part of this Bil on a single ship. What. To. Do?

Post Gnosis activities

The less said about Gnosis, the better.

Suffice to say that I made it out alive, surprising given I was in my paper thin AspX optimized for long jumps and long term exploration.

I decided to R2R hike it back into the bubble, to at least make a couple million credits while still getting back in a reasonable amount of time.

Along the way I broke up the monotony of "honk/ fly/ scan - repeat 100+ more times" by picking us any illegal salvage I could from USS's I came across. A couple of Large data caches insured that the same 3 pin-head NPC bounty hunters would keep me on my toes attempting to interdict me every 3-4 system jumps. Whatever, guys...

A week+ and several dozen million cred worth of exploration data credits later, I'm back in the Catun system with my small fleet of: the exploration AspX, the combat Viper, the passenger Python, and the barely-out-of-the-shrink-wrap Imperial Cutter.

I've only got 700m credits, so I'm not going to get very far with outfitting the "SS Mistress Frost", and I'm REALLY tired of being in The Black. I might just buy a quick Type 9 or something so I can just do some quick trading to get over a billion cred, intersperse that with some zippy-fighty pew-pew with the Asp for some fun, and get on with the grinding grind-grind task of building the Imperial Cutter of my dreams. Maybe after I get to a station with a black market I can unload this illicit cargo, which should just give me the Black Market req. for that one Engineer (forget his name off-hand...) which will give some more grindy-type tasks to do...

See You In Space...

A couple of milestones

Recently I made Elite in exploration. I must confess that the final leg of this trek (96%+) was made by the Robigo Mines/ Sothis grind. For the majority of this run I had no idea that passenger runs could count towards exploration runs, seeing that they never did before (for instance, when I did runs to Vela Dock on the other side of The Bubble). So I was a little shocked when I checked my Rep. one day and found myself hovering at 99% !

At the same time I was also hovering around 900m credits, and the thought occurred to me that I was getting within range of a well-kitted out Imperial Cutter, which I've always desired. Obviously then, my present to myself for accomplishing Elite would be to purchase the Cutter!

Of course, I barely had time to take the new bird out for a spin around the block, when I had to bail out in order to travel to The Gnosis in time to hop a ride out to the permit locked "Cone sector" systems.

And that's where I am now. Sitting aboard the Mega-Ship, waiting for it to take us to an unknown and possibly (probably) dangerous, restricted area of space...


Coming home from the Cat's Paw Nebula I crashed my ship into a high gravity moon, thus erasing the entire journey's worth of exploration data. Literally 100s of millions of credits and dozens of newly discovered worlds and stars.

Ironically, because I upload to EDSM so often, some other lucky CMDR will enjoy the fruits of my labor sooner than I will while cruising a long R2R path someday. They'll get both the discovery bonus AND have their name permanently etched onto the star system as "discoverer". ENJOY CMDR!

Also, I noticed for the first time that you can pinpoint moments when CMDRs ships have been blown up because of the Looooong straight lines amongst the twisty paths that typical space faring in Elite: Dangerous taken. A little trivia there for you.

Catspaw Nebula

I've traveled to the Catspaw Nebula recently. This nebula is about 5.000ly from The Bubble and I've been wanting to get enough miles under my belt for that one engineer (the name escapes me...) I've also been fooling around with the free camera suite, and I wanted some interesting backgrounds to take snapshots of.

I also, also learned something about the mechanics of the game: YOU CAN'T FIX THE POWERPLANT EN ROUTE! After a couple of accidental FSD drops (one caused by attempting to "fix" the drive during Supercruise) I'm down to 88%! I'm not too concerned, however- 22% got me this far, so I should be good for another several thousand Light Years.

@ Wolf 397

It was at this point in my pilot career that I discovered the ability to add my flight logs to EDSM. It took a little under an hour to upload all 400+/- hours of my Elite:Dangerous playing time.

At this point I've reached the rank of "Pioneer" with approx. 80mil-90mil to Elite, and the rank of "Tycoon" with approx. 100mil to the rank of Elite.

I've just gotten to the skill level where I can fight in combat with what I consider to be the most basic skillset possible. My rank is a laughable "Mostly Harmless", but I now consider the possibility of stopping the grind of Exploration and Trade rank to develop combat skills. I'm going to work up to the rank of "Competent" before I resume exploration and intensive trade. Ironically, this was also the highest rank I ever achieved in the original game of "Elite" back in the 1980s...