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Commander name:
Current ship:
Romano Fafard [CA-ROM]
(Diamondback Explorer)
Member since:
Jan 7, 2019
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
65,764,645 Cr
Detour to Colonia

After I arrived to the latest waypoint of the Distant Worlds expedition, I got a little restless and decided to go a bit further and visit Colonia. I just arrived to Jaques Station and the atmosphere feels different here. The message on the station when you arrive and the citizens make it seem like a more laid-back place than Eranin or Nanonam. I suppose it's not surprising a region of space built around a bar would be more relaxed than the huge political bubble where we all started. I'm not sure yet what I will do next here.

First discoveries

Finally reached Polo Harbour and had the chance to be the first to discover a few systems. I might visit Colonia before the expedition departs for the next destination.

Leaving for DW2

I reached the Omega Mining Operation yesterday. Still a long way to go to catch up to everybody else.

Moving to Nanomam

As the Eranin People's Party is rapidly losing influence in Eranin, I've decided to investigate the opposite side of space communism by working for Nanomam Ltd. I've moved all my ships to Hahn Gateway and rapidly gained the ally status with the controlling faction by carrying a tourist around. I've also gained the rank of Cadet within the federation navy. So far I don't notice a lot of differences between space communism and space capitalism, other than more ads in the station.

Eranin People's Cruise and Federation Recruit

I have bought a dolphin and founded the Eranin People's Cruise with the objective of transporting rich communist tourists around. At this point it's pretty clear that "communist" doesn't mean anything in space at this period in time, but at least my investigation led me to good relations and good contracts for my new space tourism agency.

As mentioned previously, I also bought an Eagle to learn how to fight. I destroyed several pirate ships today and most of them didn't even fight back. The Federation apparently thinks this means I'm part of their navy as they gave me the title of Recruit. I don't mind too much as some ranks down the line I could get a permit to visit Sol. Maybe there's still some true communists over there.

Back to Eranin, learning to fly an Eagle

After looking and shooting at Thargoid barnacles in the Pleiades, I finally gave up and bought a meta-alloy in Maia instead. I gave it to Felicity along with the exploration data I gathered on the way and have now access to some of her upgrades.

I went back to Eranin and got myself an eagle as I heard it was the most manoeuvrable ship out there, and also one of the most fragile. I tried it against a wanted criminal in a Keelback and got my face torn off. I'll spend the next few days getting better in combat so that I can defend myself properly when going on my duties for the People's Party.

Trip to the Pleiades

Just arrived at Merope with another commander, it was a nice exploration trip although the high threat non-human signals we started to encounter when entering the Pleiades were a bit spooky. Now that I've uploaded my data to Universal Cartographics I'm more inclined to see what those signals are about. We'll also need to harvest Thargoid Barnacles to get some meta-alloys for Felicity Farseer. I'm sure nothing will go wrong.

Invitation from Felicity Farseer

I went on an exploration trip above Eranin and found a planet with ammonia-based life, along with a water world, some earth-like planets and a shipton of icy bodies. I sold my data for over 700k credits back on Eranin and received an invitation from a Felicity Farseer. I heard the name before, apparently she's a famous engineer with some interesting Frame-Shift Drive technologies. I'll have to check it out.

Bad influences

I found a commander to partner with for my investigation of space communism and I have been showing him the little I know about piloting a sidewinder. During a break at Azeban City, he wanted to do a mission for Eranin's Mob involving stealing appliances from a trader in Asellus Primus, and I learned several things:

  • Traders like to travel in group to defend each other

  • Attacking traders is not as legal as I thought

  • Police is very quick to go to a fight scene, and to kill the offenders

  • The bounty for attacking a trader is much less than I expected, as well as the cost to re-buy a ship

  • I saw a space prison for the first time

I'll think again before I let my fellow commander rope me into illegal missions.

Anything is possible with a Five-Year Plan

Today I carried enough passengers through my taxi service to buy a Cobra Mk III, which I named Five-Year Plan because of my initial intent to go exploring with it. However, its FSD range seems rather limited, so I might have to convert it to a mining ship, or find a profitable job to amass the funds to upgrade the drive. There's always bounty hunting, although I still have nightmares of Mark Falcon's desperate pleas...