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Current ship:
Free Market Enforcer [CA-FME]
(Viper MkIII)
Member since:
Jan 7, 2019
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
238,070,781 Cr
Successful first interview with a member of Space Force / New Dominion

I was able to interview a member of the New Dominion yesterday evening, which provided me with my first informations about their society. My ship got destroyed twice in the process but I believe it was worth it. I will need to interview more members to confirm the informations I gathered as well as ask them about the spiritual aspect of the society.

First attempts at interviewing the Space Force

As promised, I have created the GIRS or Galactic Ideology Rating Service. The objective of the organisation is to research the different types of government found across our Milky Way to better orient new pilots towards who they would best fit in with.

I'll integrate my previous research into the organisation, thereby officially giving Space Communism as carried out by the Eranin's People Party the rate of D or Disappointing. Indeed, they had several deals with various oligarchies and would regularly give missions to fly out rich tourists. I will eventually publish a full report of my findings.

As for the investigation into "Space Force", I headed to Sagittarius A* yesterday evening to try to find members. I encountered one commander giving a strange foreign salute (which I can only describe as "Z0") and another who interdicted my ship. He quickly sent a message saying he was fighting for his group's freedom. I had the time to ask him if he was with Space Force but he destroyed my drone ship before I could get an answer. Fortunately I was recording the encounter and you can find it here.

I tried finding other members of the group after that, and I could see some of their communications, but not their ships. Someone speculated it could be interference from the supermassive black hole nearby, I think the theory is credible. I will pursue my research this week.

If you wish to join the GIRS, please find me around Explorer's Anchorage and we'll talk.

Investigating ideologies on a galactic scale

The galactic center is currently filled with what I initially thought were pirates, but I learned most of them were actually pledged to another person they call their emperor. This is a great opportunity to investigate a different ideology and I will try to interview a few of the members of this organisation over the following days. I also intend to create an organisation for the purpose of investigating and ranking the ideologies I encounter in space, which I will name the Galactic Ideology Ranking Service (GIRS).

Reaching the Center

Yesterday evening I've reached the center of the Milky Way and witness the supermassive black hole that lies there. I was also able to dock at the new station being built nearby and sell my exploration data. Over the next few days I intend to go as far below the milky way as I can, then later try to bait some pirates into attacking me to distract them from the other explorers that haven't had a chance to dock yet.

Last stretch to the center of the Milky Way

It's been a while since I wrote here, but nothing of note has happened since I left Colonia. I've been travelling with the expedition, mostly following from behind and going to look at some things along the way. I'm afraid to use my neutron boost too much before I get the chance to repair my ship so until I reach the station being constructed near Sagittarius I'll travel from star to star without boost. The latest waypoint, Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390, was very beautiful and I'm glad I got to see it.

Detour to Colonia

After I arrived to the latest waypoint of the Distant Worlds expedition, I got a little restless and decided to go a bit further and visit Colonia. I just arrived to Jaques Station and the atmosphere feels different here. The message on the station when you arrive and the citizens make it seem like a more laid-back place than Eranin or Nanonam. I suppose it's not surprising a region of space built around a bar would be more relaxed than the huge political bubble where we all started. I'm not sure yet what I will do next here.

First discoveries

Finally reached Polo Harbour and had the chance to be the first to discover a few systems. I might visit Colonia before the expedition departs for the next destination.

Leaving for DW2

I reached the Omega Mining Operation yesterday. Still a long way to go to catch up to everybody else.

Moving to Nanomam

As the Eranin People's Party is rapidly losing influence in Eranin, I've decided to investigate the opposite side of space communism by working for Nanomam Ltd. I've moved all my ships to Hahn Gateway and rapidly gained the ally status with the controlling faction by carrying a tourist around. I've also gained the rank of Cadet within the federation navy. So far I don't notice a lot of differences between space communism and space capitalism, other than more ads in the station.

Eranin People's Cruise and Federation Recruit

I have bought a dolphin and founded the Eranin People's Cruise with the objective of transporting rich communist tourists around. At this point it's pretty clear that "communist" doesn't mean anything in space at this period in time, but at least my investigation led me to good relations and good contracts for my new space tourism agency.

As mentioned previously, I also bought an Eagle to learn how to fight. I destroyed several pirate ships today and most of them didn't even fight back. The Federation apparently thinks this means I'm part of their navy as they gave me the title of Recruit. I don't mind too much as some ranks down the line I could get a permit to visit Sol. Maybe there's still some true communists over there.