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Void walker [V01D-W]
(Asp Explorer)
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Feb 23, 2019
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50,416,029 Cr
Colonia journey update

Colonia Journey Waypoint 10/26

Been flying while doing some odd tibits, scanning lower number systems as I go. I don't think I have it in me to scan every system for over 20k ly

Currently I'm at 7,257.52 ly so only 15k give or take to go. I've been hoping to bump into another CMDR at some point but so far nothing, holding out hope though the galaxy is a vast place after all!

At the moment I've been headed toward some nebula for a while

enter image description here

I'm hoping I get to go through it, if I come quite close I'll take a detour just to visit.

Hopefully I get to waypoint 13 (Halfway!) by tomorrow

Anyway that's all from me for today.

See you in the next one

-Cmdr S-J

On my way to Colonia

Colonia Journey Waypoint 2/26

So I've started my journey, and even though I wanted to take my clipper after a while of engineering my ship, the jump range on my ASP explorer was too good to turn away.

Made it past my first two way points in one sitting (around 1,812ly), came across a bunch of untouched systems I've honked and scanned on the ol FSS Came across some geological phenomena which is pretty cool only sulphur but even so, it's the first time I've come across it.

enter image description here

Depending on how things go, I might take some detours and go see some nebulas and maybe if there's any POI/discoverys on the way take a look at them too. But overall I've made more progress than I thought, and in one night no less!

See you on the next one


Making my first trip to Hutton orbital.

I'll be headed out of the bubble towards Colonia soon, but I wanted to make this trip before I did. Gotta get dat mug! Turned off shields to get that nice worn paint look. It's been a pretty pleasant journey so far just listening to codex entries.

I'd have loved to take my clipper (Fancy pants), but the landing pads wouldn't take it unfortunately, so I've had to take my asp explorer (Void Walker) I might do another trip just to go there and back in it just to say I've done it.

Shouldn't be too long before I get there, then it's time to prepare for the next big challenge!

-Cmdr S-J