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Biatch [dig]
(Krait MkII)
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Jul 8, 2019
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154,528,262 Cr
Finally made elite

I made my way back to inhabited space and sold some of the data I collected which was enough to get my elite status at last, now I can make my way to the founders world and sell what data I have left, make me some friends there and perhaps do some work for the factions over the next couple of days

Found big metalic crystals in space

I have just had my first encounter with life in space apart from the thargoids, found a lagrange cloud in Pru Euq NI-Y c28-7 and at the cloud I found metallic crystals also little shrimp like things that seemed to like flying towards my lights and away then back like a little game, took some nice pics though I aint sure how to put them in this log yet, I will when I know, time to leave the little creatures and continue back to home

Largest system i found so far

Yesterday I landed in a system that had 79 planets, until now its the most ive found in 1 system, before that it was around 67. I am currently heading up above galactic plane from below it on a route set with economical route finder when it started it was around 120 jumps and im about half way through then I will turn towards the bubble a couple thousand ly's away and will probably do the first thousand on economical to get as many systems as possible then I will switch to the fastest possible and get home to sell what ive gathered

Data point in the middle of nowhere

Im on a planet, the first one in system Bleia Eohn WU-N b37-0 gathering some resources and I have stumbled onto a data point with some intel for the feds when I get back to the bubble, will keep searching and see if anything else turns up here

Back out into the void

So after a few days back in the bubble the feeling of being oh so close to getting my elite explorer status was too great to ignore, I bought a new asp exporer to kit out for a little journey, just a few thousand ly's again, gathering enough data to bring back that should get me to that status. When I am done with this trip which will be within the next couple of days and I return to inhabited space I will focus more on guardian tech and finding what I need to get one of the fine people that know how to use and create the tech from the resourses to engineer me some modules I could do with, primarily a fsd booster as I want to make the trip to colonia and beyond a little quicker than I could do just now

Silly pirate meets thir end

Minding my own business doing a little planet mapping and chilling then boom I get an interdiction, I had no cargo so I knew if I let them scan they would just move on, but then they would do it again and again if not stopped so as soon as I submitted to the interdiction I targeted and deployed weapons got turned so they were in my sight and started hitting with my two class 3 beam lasers expecting them to damage the shields and follow up with two class 2 plasma cannons but it seemed there shields were super tough and took a while to get them to drop, I noticed on my dashboard that there ship had a little circle with a plus sign I don't know what that means yet I will need to find out and try get whatever it is, must have been something to re-enforce shields because they were in a phantom, same as me and I have good shields but theirs were better. After battling for several minutes I had got them down to around 34% hull left and went in to finish them but they kicked in their fsd and jumped, luckily I had a wake scanner with me for once and gave chase into the next system but as soon as I won the interdiction they started to jump, this seemed odd as there's usually the fsd cooldown but no he got away so I followed again managing to fire a couple of volleys before they escaped again, I was not letting them away though and eventually after a few jumps and playing cat and mouse they stood and fought, giving me a good battle I ended up about 60% hull myself after I finished them off but most modules were above 90% and fully fuctional, went for repairs then sat back and put my feet up with a glass of leesti juice and fell asleep, lets see what today brings

Didnt quite make elite

When I got back to the bubble I was 99% sure I had done enough to finally get my elite explorers status and entry to shinrata but its not to be yet, I made a health 60 odd million but only went from 54% pioneer to 87% so still got a bit more exploring to do, got my name on lots more planets though which I enjoy. As yet I am unsure wether to go on a little trip or just head to colonia I could even stay in the bubble for now and destroy some pirates that are hounding traders around Upaniklis just now, when I know what im going to do I will update the log

Heading back to the bubble

I have spent the last few days heading away from the bubble a few thousand ly's and down below the galactic plane until I couldn't find stars close enough to jump to which is around 118ly's with synthesis. I had only planned to stay in the void a few days anyway as I should get to elite status for my exploration with what ive gathered I was at 57% pioneer so if I don't get to elite I will be surprised, once ive sold my data I will spend some time in and around the bubble unlocking engineers then I will prepare for a trip to Colonia and tick that of my list whilst trying to get access to the engineer there

Fun with a furmahole

Found some water ice furmaholes on a planet im on, some streaming high into the sky, I drove over one in my srv and was propelled up around 130 metres luckily its a low gravity world so the journey back down was pretty cool I only took a percent or so hull damage so I had another few goes seeing how far I could get but its time to pack up and leave, the exploration must go on

7 Hellium rich gas giants in one system

In all my time traveling and exploring our galaxy there was one planet type I had never found until today the helium rich gas giants then I find 7 all in one system with around 46 other planets and moons, came as a nice little surprise. The system is NGC 2546 Sector II-A d14-35