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Silent Hydra [GWG-SH]
(Asp Explorer)
Member since:
Aug 5, 2019
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16,686,723 Cr
Back in the Bubble

Finally back in the bubble. Set off on the 1st August to The hole in the sky (20500 y). Should of been back much sooner, but aiming for 20 ly jumps to maximise exploration has taken some time. I've also been out the country for some 3 weeks. So not bad going.
Now to get a proper exploration ship. Thinking Krait Phantom and finally get some guardian mods.

3800 ly

Managed 3800 ly today A PB. Wanted to grind a few out as I'm off to China until Wednesday

FSD Issues

Almost back to bubble. FSD getting more errors and powering down. May have to take the medicine and destruct soon. Just 237 jumps to go. Although an unscheduled stop to repair would be best.

Traikoa CK-I d9-170

earth/water and terriform metal all close

two different codex Traikoa QQ-C b40-1

Crystal and valls


After having decided to do a relatively small exploration to the "Hole in the Sky". Some 20500 ly from where I started in the bubble, it's been interesting. Down to my last 300 jumps before return. Some my question my decision to use a type 7 and with only 21 ly jumps. But I wanted to to do a large number of small jumps as I surmised that many systems would have been missed along the way. So far I have been proved correct.
Plus it brought me back to when I was an Officer in the Merchant Navy. It was so much more civilised to sail half way around the world at 12 knots on a super tanker.
It's just a shame I can't use the sextant twice daily on my type 7 to fix my position

M16 Sector RD-T c3-11

Two water worlds and an earth like. Loads of metal bodies

Metallic Crystals Byeia Eurk HX-G b38-3

Found Flavum Crystals

Made it to Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105

easily made it to Eagle security in 2 hours of game time. Managed to make 350 million for my 32000 ly tour.

Damage rerouted to Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105

Vessel suddenly stopped auto throttling back and I wasn't paying attention. Sustained damage and decided to alter route to make soonest repair at Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105, 1950ly