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Found 879 minor factions.
Home system
10 Canum Venat Alliance Combine Alliance Patronage 10 Canum Venaticorum
10 Canum Venaticorum Bridge Ltd Alliance Corporate 10 Canum Venaticorum
10 Canum Venaticorum Future Alliance Democracy 10 Canum Venaticorum
12 d Bootis Alliance Consulate Alliance Patronage 12 d Bootis
160 S.O.A.R. Alliance Democracy Furuhjelm III-674
19 Leonis Min Alliance Combine Alliance Patronage 19 Leonis Minoris
23 h Ursae Majoris Natural Exchange Alliance Corporate 23 h Ursae Majoris
37 Geminorum Advanced Co Alliance Corporate 37 Geminorum
47 Ursae Majoris Dynasty Alliance Feudal 47 Ursae Majoris
62 Ursae Majoris Silver Life Ltd Alliance Corporate 62 Ursae Majoris
7 Canum Venaticorum Alliance Group Alliance Patronage 7 Canum Venaticorum
70 Virginis Alliance Dominion Alliance Patronage 70 Virginis
9 Ursae Minoris Unionists Alliance Communism 9 Ursae Minoris
AC +40 428-42 Alliance Mandate Alliance Patronage AC +40 428-42
Acan Pro-Alliance Pact Alliance Patronage Acan
Adenets Pro-Alliance Bond Alliance Patronage Adenets
Adenses Alliance Governance Alliance Patronage Adenses
Adivas Alliance League Alliance Patronage Adivas
AG+11 1351 Galactic Services Alliance Corporate AG+11 1351
Aganippe Purple Travel Ind Alliance Corporate Aganippe
Aimo Jung Corp. Alliance Corporate Aimo Jung
Aitvanec Democrats Alliance Democracy Aitvanec
Alcor Alliance Assembly Alliance Patronage Alcor
Alcor Independents Alliance Democracy Alcor
Alcor Silver Creative Solutions Alliance Corporate Alcor
Alfheim Union Alliance Communism Alfheim
Alignak Jet Legal & Co Alliance Corporate Alignak
Alintun Pro-Alliance Union Alliance Patronage Alintun
Alioth Council Alliance Democracy Alioth
Alioth Independents Alliance Democracy Alioth
Alioth Pro-Alliance Group Alliance Democracy Alioth
Alliance Democratic Network Alliance Democracy Yoruba
Alliance Expeditionary Pact Alliance Corporate
Alliance Exploration Corps Alliance Democracy
Alliance Incarceration Concern Alliance Prison
Alliance of Might and Magec Alliance Confederacy Magec
Alliance Office of Statistics Alliance Corporate Gateway
Alliance Outriders Alliance Anarchy Baramanago
Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps Alliance Cooperative Zaonce
Alliance Vanguard Crew Alliance Corporate
Alliance Wolfpack Division Alliance Corporate
Allied Banking Clan Alliance Corporate
Allied CE Bootis Defence Force Alliance Dictatorship CE Bootis
Allied Ehlangai Movement Alliance Dictatorship Ehlangai
Allied Gugu League Alliance Dictatorship Gugu
Allied HM Bootis Flag Alliance Dictatorship
Allied LHS 374 Liberty Party Alliance Dictatorship LHS 374
Alyuto Alliance Union Alliance Patronage Alyuto
Alyuto Purple Natural PLC Alliance Corporate Alyuto
Amber Pro-Alliance Party Alliance Patronage Amber
Amber Republic Party Alliance Democracy Amber
Anayol Pro-Alliance Party Alliance Patronage
Andra Stakeholders Alliance Cooperative Andra
Andromeda Corporation Alliance Corporate
Angelic Order of HIP 54692 Alliance Theocracy HIP 54692
Anticorp Deep Space Socialist Collective Alliance Cooperative Rungu
Ao Guang Jet Comms Co Alliance Corporate Ao Guang
Applied Science Initiative Alliance Democracy
Arabh Pro-Alliance Union Alliance Patronage Arabh
Aracinicnii Pro-Alliance Party Alliance Patronage Aracinicnii
Arimpox Pro-Alliance Party Alliance Patronage Arimpox
Aristocrats of HIP 65775 Alliance Feudal HIP 65775
Aristocrats of Istanu Alliance Feudal Istanu
Aristocrats of Mafdetela Alliance Feudal Mafdetela
Aristocrats of SAO 82442 Alliance Feudal SAO 82442
Arque Commodities Alliance Corporate Arque
Asellus Primus Nobles Alliance Feudal Asellus Primus
Asetsa Alliance Union Alliance Patronage Asetsa
Asgar General Solutions Alliance Corporate Asgar
Ashera Knights Alliance Feudal Berkanan
Asherah Gold Gang Alliance Anarchy Asherah
Asherah Knights Alliance Feudal Awawa
Ashtart Pro-Alliance Group Alliance Patronage Ashtart
Asociacion Elite Independiente Alliance Cooperative Belliya
Atiusia Alliance Protectorate Alliance Patronage Atiusia
Autocracy of Indrians Alliance Dictatorship Indrians
Autocracy of LP 375-25 Alliance Dictatorship LP 375-25
Awawa Dominion Alliance Feudal Awawa
Awawa Logistics Alliance Corporate Awawa
Ba Bao Transport Interstellar Alliance Corporate Ba Bao
Bakulcan Brotherhood Alliance Anarchy Bakulcan
Banekalanec Fortune Group Alliance Corporate Banekalanec
Baramanago Gold Ring Alliance Anarchy Baramanago
Barkan Pro-Alliance Group Alliance Patronage Barkan
Barons of BD+39 3048 Alliance Feudal BD+39 3048
Barons of LTT 14271 Alliance Feudal LTT 14271
Barons of Turmakul Alliance Feudal Turmakul
Bavarigga Blue Federal Ltd Alliance Corporate Bavarigga
BD+19 2443 Free Alliance Democracy BD+19 2443
BD+19 2511 Pro-Alliance League Alliance Patronage BD+19 2511
BD+22 2632 League Alliance Confederacy BD+22 2632
BD+23 2640 Values Party Alliance Democracy BD+23 2640
BD+24 2539 Constitution Party Alliance Dictatorship BD+24 2539
BD+28 2272 Major Commodities Alliance Corporate BD+28 2272
BD+29 2405 Autocracy Alliance Dictatorship BD+29 2405
BD+31 2373 Alliance Assembly Alliance Patronage BD+31 2373
BD+33 1931 Liberals Alliance Democracy BD+33 1931
BD+40 2903 Alliance League Alliance Patronage BD+40 2903
BD+40 2903 Allied Co Alliance Corporate BD+40 2903
BD+41 2026 Ltd Alliance Corporate BD+41 2026