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Ka-Tana [X-SASG]
(Krait MkII)
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3.418.476.048 Cr
Universal Life

On planet Earth, three and one half billion years ago, life arose. First there was one, then two, then many and many more than that, millions, billions, trillions of times, until one day, a new species was born. First there was one new species, then two, then more, then many and many more than that, millions, billions and trillions, until there were countless species, each diversified and unique. At first they swam, then they crawled, then finally walking with ever increasing complexity. One day, a sentient being appeared, first one, then two, then many and many more than that, ape like in appearance, struggling to survive, multiplying, spreading across the planet in search of new lands. As the species matures, becoming intelligent and self aware, they look to the heavens and ponder, are we alone in all of this, this vastness of space? As their intelligence grows, they peer at the heavens and find at first, one star, then two, then many and many more than that, with millions, then billions and trillions of stars, realizing they may not be alone after-all. With their intelligence, being self-aware, they speculate, if life could happen once on this planet, then it could happen again, then twice, then many times and many more times than that, then millions and billions and trillions of times. A diverse number of species through out the heavens, with more than one, more than two, then many more than that. If life arose in just one galaxy, one of many, many more and many more than that, then we must not be alone and life is universal through out the cosmos. Our story ends with the knowledge that with so much life in so many forms, spread across the great expanse of the cosmos we can see, the only thing that outnumbers the stars and galaxies within, is the numbers of life, lifeforms and lifetimes which have come and gone through out the cosmos, millions, trillions, quadrillions, sex-trillions of times, many, many more and many more than that.