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Explorer on Tour [EonT]
(Asp Explorer)
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2.831.475.328 Cr
Game error ce-34878-0 fixed

Frontier fixed an error at my ps4 elite Account. But .. its only works if the september update coming.

Game error ce-34878-0

Fighting agains Thargoids brings a game crash at the last hit .. frontier ticket at work and sony support check my psn account

Home sweet Home

Reacht my Home Systeme. 1.412.567.223 credits from explorer Data

Way back to bubble

Today i start the way back home.

Maybe i find some nice places again :)

Beagle Point

A long trip to Colonia on all outposts.

it went on to sagittarius a

After the long journey I thought about reaching the beagle point.

After many discoveries, I finally reached the beagle point, with my orca the extra was bought for it.

fly safe cmdr's :)

I start Jan 25, 2019 but make this Account after reaching Colonia.