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Le Loup Errant [EM1-79]
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1.770.018.227 Cr
Gandharvi Stop off

Quick stop Gandharvi on way to Colonia. Useful place being only 6400ly from Colonia. Chance to replenish AFM units from repairing FSD.
A2 is a useful world. Two materials required for premium FSD boosts in abundance.

Quicj stop and then on wards

Clooku ZU-Q c20-315

14k ly from departure en route to Colonia, leaving me a shade under 8k ly to go.
Landed on the 1st plant Clooku ZU-Q c20-315 for resting up for the night. Nothing special. A standard metal world. managed 15 units of Polonium very close to the landing site, so a very fortunate place to stop. As yet, I have only half a plan of my upcoming journey. I may setup camp in Colonia for a little while and do some mining and trade in the nearby systems. Then definitely on to the usual suspects of Sag A and Beagle. So far my plan is to go as far west as I can after beagle. I'm a live on PSN, so if you see me in Coloina, say hi. PSN vermincake

Long-haul and landings

Heading out for my 1st trip to Colonia, then on to Sag A. Who knows after that, I'll pick a direction and aim for the furthest point. trying to avoid the Neutron Highway until I hit the voids.
Just been rewarded with my 1st major find. Two terraformable HMC and three water worlds all undiscovered with another thirty or so rocky bodies and HMC a mere 1800 ly from Sol.
So landed for the night and I'll map the five or so worlds tomorrow.

Jumping much more efficiently now.

Resting on a metal rich body

1st Neutron Jump

Started out on a neutron highway today for the 1st time. An interesting experience.

Back in the saddle (for one day only)

Been away at a conference in Houston and flying to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. But finally managed to get the Guardian FSD booster. So now time for some proper exploration. Although current work sees me making more flights than jumps atm :(

Back in the Bubble

Finally back in the bubble. Set off on the 1st August to The hole in the sky (20500 y). Should of been back much sooner, but aiming for 20 ly jumps to maximise exploration has taken some time. I've also been out the country for some 3 weeks. So not bad going.
Now to get a proper exploration ship. Thinking Krait Phantom and finally get some guardian mods.

3800 ly

Managed 3800 ly today A PB. Wanted to grind a few out as I'm off to China until Wednesday

FSD Issues

Almost back to bubble. FSD getting more errors and powering down. May have to take the medicine and destruct soon. Just 237 jumps to go. Although an unscheduled stop to repair would be best.

Traikoa CK-I d9-170

earth/water and terriform metal all close