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Landstrider Legion is proud to announce it's latest expedition "The Landstrider Legion Jaunt to The Dot"

This is a week long glorious trip to three beautiful sights in the east of the galaxy.

Our trip will follow an easy and accessible route to our main attractions, stopping once a day to rest and have a little fun.

We will leave on the 7th of November, and return on the 14th, making three major stops:

Hawking's Dream Nov. 9th 3307

The Grie Hypai Anomaly Nov. 10th 3307

Pale Red Dot Nov. 11th 3307

Important Info

Landstrider Legion Discord

Landstrider Legion Website

Registration Form (WIP)

Difficulty: Easy-Novice, commanders of all experiences welcomed, exploration ships are recommended but not required

Gamemode: Horizons and Odyssey, a private group will be made if requested

Have any issues? Contact me on discord at Burrito Riot#9092 or on the LL Discord
# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Tapajo 118.03125 / -103.96875 / -44.34375
#2 Rhadia AA-A h59 (Hawking´s Dream) 21392.21875 / -913.59375 / 12392.8125 24 656,22 Ly
#3 Grie Hypai DL-Y g2 (The Grie Hypai Anomaly) 22647.25 / -135.8125 / 14285.5625 2 400,53 Ly
#4 Puelou CY-G b53-0 (Pale Red Dot) 20779.03125 / 335.84375 / 14160.375 1 930,90 Ly
#5 Tapajo 118.03125 / -103.96875 / -44.34375 25 076,77 Ly