CMDR Aggie Ninepence profile > Logbook

Commander name:
Current ship:
Anrahan [0B0-DW]
(Krait MkII)
Member since:
Distances submitted:
5 965
Systems visited:
26 465
Systems discovered first:
16 143
2 546 195 507 Cr
A New Direction

In anticipation of the forthcoming Distant Worlds II expedition, and to reacquire my void legs I have turned towards galactic 'south' for the first time in my explorers career, and have found it a delightful experience.

Firstly, in those systems where my NaviComp chimes and displays the paths of explorers before me, the names are almost all unfamiliar! It seems those who venture south are a very different group to those who venture north and I love adding new names to my mental database.

Secondly, so many delicious new points of interest! I've seen clusters of ammonia worlds, nine stars orbiting each other in an improbable n body ballet, and ahead of me lie the most distant Void stations I'll ever have visited! I look forward to docking and meeting the kind of people who choose to work this far from civilization.

And beyond that, for the first time in my own travels, lies the Rift! For one inspired by the words and actions of Kahina Loren it feels as much a mitzvah, a pilgrimage as an exploration trip and she will be very much on my mind as I cross the darkness.