Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10 (Amundsen Terminal) [#22654744341665]

Informations du système

Allégeance :


Gouvernement :


Économie :


Sécurité :



Population :

10 000

Faction administratrice :

Colonia Council


This system is located at: -469.1875 / -84.84375 / 4456.125

Coordonnées galactiques: R: 4 481,561 / l: 6,011 / b: -1,085
Coordonnées équatoriales: Ascension droite: 18h 3m 25,081s / Déclinaison: -24° 18'0,778''

Niveau des réserves : Ressources inexploitées

Zone habitable :
Metal-rich body (1 to 3 ls), Earth-like world (52 to 78 ls), Water world (43 to 165 ls), Ammonia world (108 to 293 ls), Terraformable (40 to 81 ls)

Crédits estimés : 285 146 cr

Rapport de traffic

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by bullchicken.

Cela a été nommé par le Projet Cartographie Galactique avec le nom de : Amundsen Terminal

4670 ships passed through Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10 space, including 13 ships in the last 7 days.

4 ships passed through Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10 space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 1
Diamondback Explorer - 2
Type-10 Defender - 1

1 ships were destroyed in this system in the last 24 hours.
Factions mineures
Colonia Council (Investment) 80,900 %
People of Colonia (Drought) 10,700 %
Lagoon Research Associates (None) 8,400 %

Amundsen Terminal – Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10, planet 1

One of the Colonia Connection Highway outposts, constructed in October 3302. Located inside the Lagoon Nebula, this is the second of the deep-space outposts on the route from the bubble to Colonia. The outpost is named for explorer Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen. Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer of polar regions on Earth. He led the Antarctic expedition of 1910–12 which was the first to reach the South Pole, on 14 December 1911. In 1926, he was the first expedition leader for the air expedition to the North Pole. Amundsen is recognized as the first person, without dispute, as having reached both poles.

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Astrophotography and description courtesy of ibanix.