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(Type-9 Heavy)
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14 avr. 2021
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7 166
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3 030
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313 620 879 Cr
Beagle point to Colonia now home

I made it after the long journey I actually made it home after so many thousands of lightyears and thousands of jumps I am finally back in my home system hip54530

Now I'm home I will build a type 9 into a trader and start earning in the bubble again

Journey Home

This has been a long Trip I have stopped at a station 7,500 LY from home im back in the same region as the bubble and ill be home soon

Its been a long journey and ill be glad to get back and continue my trek to get elite in trading

Arrived at Colonia

I have done it I am back to civilisation my first station since leaving explorers anchorage when I went to beagle point

The constant travel here was taxing I was tempted to self destruct so many times

Now W I can go from station to station back to the bubble

Travelling home

The stars are a lot more dense now I have also encountered a massive star but this long journey is taking its toll on my poor ship and also myself. So many light years I have traveled and I still have many more to go I am 14000 LY from Colonia and 36000 LY from home almost halfway there

I just need to reach Colonia at least the trip from there to the bubble has stations to break up the journey

Once I am home I will go back to hauling cargo and will begin plans to do another trek into deep space

To Colonia

I have left Beagle point heading to Colonia I am 25000 LY from Colonia and 21000 LY from Beagle Point.

Space madness is taking me I am jumping from one system to the next to reach populat4ed space but it just keeps going on and on I am starting to wonder why I am here there is nothing but jump after jump its so bad I have made mistakes that has damaged my ship

Space is Lonely Space is empty and Space is unkind.......

I need to get back to civilization


I am finally here on the edge of the galaxy the furtherest point from Sol I have been planning this for such a long time and I am finally here.

I have landed on the last moon the furtherest away in the system and I am going to take the screenshot as a momento that I made it I will also take a sample of rock from the planet before heading back to the bubble via Colonia

It's been a long trip and I nearly lost my ship a few times but I am here woohoo!!!!!!!

I have taken my pics and have returned to beagle point and the DSAA Distant Worlds to refuel and repair in preparation for my trip home via Colonia

Finally arrived

I finally arrived at Beagle Point I have been meaning to do this for months and I'm now here I can't believe it

I'm going to screen shot as much as I can and then leave for the very edge of the galaxy this is brilliant

To Beagle point

I have just entered the Abyss not far from beagle point now the stars are few and far between and the galaxy is left behind me

Where I am sitting I am 137 jumps from beagle point some 6,899.24 LY away I believe I will get there today and will be taking screen shots for my collection I really haven't been much past sag a before now so it's thrilling to be on the other side of the galaxy I am glad I made the trip to say I made it and will return to the bubble to trade and mine to build those factors up I already made elite in exploration

Beagle Point

I had my fun with Odyssey and have been meaning to go to beagle point and then on to Oevasy SG-Y d0

I have done the trip to Colonia then to sag a but then I would lose interest and return to the bubble but this time no I pushed on and now I am 12,000 LY from Beagle point I have never been this far out and I want to reach beagle point and of course to the last moon in Oevasy SG-Y d0 so I can stand on that last moon at the furtherest point from sol and look back. I will get those screenshots and then make my way back to the bubble via Colonia

HIP 54530 to Colonia Stage 10

From Kashyapa

To Colonia Distance 2532.96

Total Distance 22,393.06

Jumps 43

Total Jumps 383

Log: I have arrived at Colonia I will spend the night in Jaques Station and will set out in the morning to the surrounding systems to do some planet exploration I am looking forward to it

Then after I have had enough of that I will set off to head to beagle point from here then to Ishumes Reach which is about as far as I can go then back to the bubble Via Sagittarius A and the Great Annihilator

Extra Note The JDS Concordia didnt miss a beat on this journey I had so many issues with the midway the Krait Mk 2 was always getting me into trouble I can see the Anaconda and the Asp x are my favourites