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Startdatum 22 nov. 2020 19:00:00
Aankomstdatum 17 jan. 2021 21:00:00
Begin systeem Pomeche
Waypoints 7
Aankomst systeem Thuechoea ZE-A g0 (Brothers And Sisters Of The Void)
Deelnemers 121
  - Abandonment 6
  - Success 30
Geschatte afstand 64.226,07 Lj
Expeditie aankondiging

From the people that brought you the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Expedition, the Minerva Centaurus and Orion Expeditions. The Mercury 7 Explorers Present: Expedition Mercury's Wings!

An expedition from the amazing canyons of Pomeche in the Bubble, all the way to the far side of the Galaxy. Through over 60,000ly of beautiful space, and on a voyage to explore new star systems. All the while taking the DSSA's new Fleet Carrier Shepard's Dream to its resting place in the Outer Scutum-Centurus Arm in the Galactic North-West.

This expedition will be open to Commanders from all platforms of PC, Xbox, and PS4. Explorers who are new to expeditions are very much welcome to join us on this journey. As are all the veteran explorers, adventure seekers and down right crazy pilots! :) This expedition will take place within the FleetcComm Private Group, and within Private Groups for the Xbox and PS4 platforms. It's recommended to have a 40-50ly range for this expedition, although it will be possible to complete it with only 30ly of jump range.

Here is a discription of the DSSA's galactic infrastructure project

If you wish to join us on our adventure please follow these steps:

1) Sign up with the expedition here on EDSM.

2) Join us in the expeditions Discord server. This is the expeditions method of communicating with each other by messaging, and in real time voice communication. Please follow this link

More details to follow...

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Expeditie waypoints
Systeem Afstand vanaf start Deelnemers bereikt Deelnemers bezocht
#1 Pomeche
#2 Traikoa FL-P e5-4 (Black Treasure) 5.275,14 Lj
#3 Bleae Aescs ZE-A g4 (Dragon's Head Nebula) 12.666,25 Lj
#4 Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870 (Gardens of Shangri-La) 19.981,87 Lj
#5 Oob Freau EL-Y e4717 (Keranos Nebula) 26.084,61 Lj
#6 Hypuejaa RT-Q e5-83 (DSSA [EDS] Enigma / Leo Szilard Nebula) 34.510,93 Lj
#7 Vegnaa FD-H b40-1 (Mad Hatter Nebula) 43.994,08 Lj
#8 Eactaisky IR-N e6-2 (Eactaisky Stellar Remnant) 51.994,14 Lj
#9 Thuechoea ZE-A g0 (Brothers And Sisters Of The Void) 64.226,07 Lj