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Startdatum 9 jan. 2021 12:00:00
Aankomstdatum 17 apr. 2021 12:00:00
Begin systeem HIP 15310
Waypoints 10
Aankomst systeem Kyli Flyuae AA-A h4 (Vahsel Point)
Deelnemers 114
  - Abandonment 0
  - Success 25
Geschatte afstand 97.013,00 Lj
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Those vagabonds bold enough to venture out beyond the bubble know too well the eerie tranquility of being alone in the void. Whispers in the dark, the howl of witchspace, the silence in local. Then after a while these things become a strange comfort. Colors shift and lights dim. Each passing jump leads to new discoveries. Each step along your plotted course brings you one step closer to something grand, often enough something you alone will have ever seen.

Mighty nebulae pass in the blink of an eye. Blue lights enter your horizon like bells at dawn, until all before you is blinding and brilliant. But to those bolder still, who dare to venture off the well worn paths. A greater revelation awaits where the mysterious, and the unexplained, mingles in shadow. For myself it came at the light in Tenebris: Magellan's star. So named because of its position on the far eastern edge of the galaxy.

Looking out from where the first beams of light emanating from the Magellanic clouds strike the Milky Way, that old eerie feeling crept back in. Turning back I took in the length and breath of the galaxy, and all at once I understood why. Silence is often deafening, at the edge of the tempest. A hurricane of dust and gas that spins and shakes with star burst over the eons. And for this journey, we'll sail into her beating heart. We'll camp in the wake of her recent thunder cracks, chase anomalies, and attempt to decipher mysteries that have long eluded even the most radiant minds of our community.

This expedition, brought to you by Cmdr. Fantastic Spork, the New Pilot's Initiative, and myself John Grant; will cover 75,000 lightyears of space. We will explore, observe, and catalogue some of the galaxies greatest rarities, all while enjoying the most breathtaking sites in Elite. As we will be travelling with two dedicated fleet carriers in tow, feel free to bring multiple ships.

The Expedition will begin January 9th, 3307 - and it is open to everyone across all platforms. From the most hardened veteran, to the youngest and most inexperienced among us. All are welcome!

Requirements: Have fuel scoop may travel.

If you wish to join us on our adventure please follow these steps:

1) Sign up with the expedition here on EDSM.

2) Join us in the expeditions Discord server. This is the expedition's main method of communicating with each other by messaging, or real time voice communication. Please follow this link: https://discord.gg/naKeMqb

More details to follow...

Addendum: The expedition is underway! If you haven't joined the discord please note that the final waypoint is unreachable by conventional means. You will need to jump aboard the Ferry carrier or charter a different fleet carrier to fully complete the expedition.

This link will provide you with both the rally coordinates and the ferry schedule. The ferry will run from April 7th - April 23rd. After that Giant-Survey will return to the bubble. Thank you for your support, o7

Ferry Schedule and Rally Point

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Expeditie waypoints
Systeem Afstand vanaf start Deelnemers bereikt Deelnemers bezocht
#1 HIP 15310
#2 Bleia Dryiae HF-W b35-1 (Bleia Dryiae Glowing Green Giant) 4.999,00 Lj
#3 Skaude AA-A h294 (Skaude (Collection of Wonders)) 12.010,24 Lj
#4 Greae Phio QE-Q e5-4021 20.987,10 Lj
#5 Shrogeau GG-Y e119 (Shrogeau Juliet Nebula Cluster) 26.984,49 Lj
#6 Wepaa BA-A g244 41.908,81 Lj
#7 Vegnoae WE-R e4-9257 (Eos Nebula) 57.594,51 Lj
#8 Eorm Phyloi RE-Y d1-93 69.955,52 Lj
#9 Agnairy JH-U e3-2113 (Lexx Nebula) 80.452,79 Lj
#10 Eimbaith LW-W e1-290 (Viridi Aqua) 88.197,45 Lj
#11 Byoomao MI-S e4-5423 (Wulfric) 93.266,69 Lj
#12 Kyli Flyuae AA-A h4 (Vahsel Point) 97.013,00 Lj