Ploea Auscs ZA-A c16 (DSSA Four Corners Monument) [#4487804629506]


This system is located at: 3534.4375 / -13.6875 / 39901.0625

Galactische coordinaten: R: 40.057,299 / l: 354,938 / b: -0,020
Equatoriale coordinaten: Correcte klim: 17h 33m 5,858s / Afwijking: -33° 13'50,976''

Reserve niveau: Perfect

Bewoonbare zone:
Metal-rich body (2 to 15 ls), Earth-like world (241 to 362 ls), Water world (198 to 767 ls), Ammonia world (501 to 1.363 ls), Terraformable (188 to 375 ls)

Geschatte waarde: 372.970 cr


This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by BlastDuke.

Het Galactisch Cartografie Project heeft het DSSA Four Corners Monument genoemd.

245 ships passed through Ploea Auscs ZA-A c16 space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through Ploea Auscs ZA-A c16 space in the last 24 hours.

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  • Carrier Name: Four Corners Monument (DSSA #88)
  • Registration: X4J-85Z
  • Carrier Class: Fortune class

  • Designated Region: Ryker's Hope
  • System: PLOEA AUSCS ZA-A c16

  • Commission Date (date signed up to the DSSA): 22-Apr-3306
  • Carrier Construction Date: June 9th 3306
  • Construction Location: Colonia / Jaques Station
  • Maiden Jump(s): EOL PROU VP-B C15-157 (fueling tests)
  • In-service Date (date the vessel began its DSSA service): 21-Jul-3306

  • Services Available: Refuel, Repair, Universal cartographics, Armory, Outfitting, Shipyard
  • Tariff % Set: 5%
  • Commodities Bought/Sold on Carrier:
    • Will Buy Tritium at 60,000 CR/T
    • The carrier has 1 Hutton Mug in the cargo for HOT-MESS compatibility
  • Nearest Tritium Hotspot: 3 single Tritium hotspots at planet 5A in same system

The carrier serves as a visible landmark at the only 'quadripoint' in the Milky Way, where the galaction regions of Izanami, Newton's Vault, Arcadian Stream and Ryker's Hope share a common border.

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