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  • 16 oktober 3309
  • Felicia Winters Elected as Federal President

    The Federation has voted to elect Felicia Winters as its next president, with a four per cent vote majority over her rival Jerome Archer.

    The current shadow president of the Liberal Party will be officially inaugurated in the new year, entering an eight-year term of office. Congressman Isolde Rochester will also be sworn in as vice president in Winters’s administration.

    President Zachary Hudson will remain in power during the transition period, but will not be expected to implement any major policy changes. The Liberal Party will replace the Republican Party as the superpower’s governing authority in 3310, with Jerome Archer assuming the role of shadow president.

    President-elect Winters addressed her supporters during a celebratory rally in Olympus Village on Mars:

    “The people of the Federation have spoken! I thank you all for turning my party’s vision into a reality. My aim is to govern fairly for everybody, regardless of their political allegiance. Together we will create optimism where there was fear, give shelter those who are vulnerable, and improve the quality of life for each and every Federal citizen.”

    Vice President Jerome Archer formally conceded the election during a session of Congress:

    “My compliments to Felicia Winters, who fought a strong campaign. I look forward to taking on the role of shadow president next year, and ensuring that her government’s proposals are thoroughly scrutinised from day one.”

    Former presidents Antonia Madison and Jasmina Halsey – whom Winters temporarily replaced after the Starship One disaster – offered their congratulations. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon of the Alliance, First Minister Octavia Volkov of the Marlinist Colonies, and CEO Li Yong-Rui of Sirius Corporation sent similar messages to the Winters campaign.

    No formal acknowledgement was received from the Empire. However, Princess Aisling Duval joined Professor Alba Tesreau and other members of Aegis leadership to state: “We trust that President Winters will remain committed to our unified approach, ensuring the development of technology needed to secure victory in the ongoing Thargoid war.”

  • 13 oktober 3309
  • Federal Election: The Allied Perspective

    The Alliance is observing the Federal president election, but expects little will change in relationships between the two superpowers.

    Prime Minister Edmund Mahon delivered a formal address on the topic before the Assembly:

    “The Alliance continues to enjoy stable relations with the Federation. Our recent anti-xeno coalitions, including the reformation of Aegis, show how we can benefit from maintaining such cooperation. I am confident that the new president, whoever it may be, will respect the status quo.”

    Councillor Nakato Kaine gave a more direct statement to the press:

    “I cannot ignore how the Federation has become more authoritarian under Zachary Hudson’s Republican government. It has also coped poorly with internal pressures: the Starship One conspiracy, Jupiter Division’s attempted coup, the secession crisis triggered by the Proactive Detection Bureau’s operation… the list goes on. And yet, Federal democracy is now empowering every individual to elect their leaders. That, at least, is something we in the Alliance should admire and consider adopting.”

    Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported:

    “Most Allied politicians are too diplomatic to openly express a preference between the two candidates. Privately, councillors like Kaine are hopeful of a more nuanced relationship with Winters, who lacks the hawkish rhetoric of Hudson. However, others believe that Archer’s focus on military spending and domestic security might prove more practical in the face of the Thargoid invasion.”

    The latest voting polls from Federal systems show that Jerome Archer has overtaken Felicia Winters, albeit by a narrow margin. The voting window ends on the 15th, with the results verified by Monday to determine the victor of the 3309 Federal presidential election.

  • 12 oktober 3309
  • Sol Celebrations End as Election Begins

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The Federation has begun voting to decide its next president, as a week of festivities in the Sol system are concluded.

    Congress confirmed that any pilots who supplied rare goods for the celebratory events can collect payment from Li Qing Jao starport. All temporary system permits for Sol remain suspended for Pilots’ Federation members for a further week.

    The 3309 presidential election has now officially begun. More than one trillion Federal citizens are expected to submit their votes, which will be recorded and collated over the next four days via secure digital systems.

    Vice President Jerome Archer is the Republican Party candidate, who is widely perceived as the political heir to President Zachary Hudson. His running mate is Congressman Niko Shirakawa, who has strong connections within the military.

    Shadow President Felicia Winters, leader of the Liberal Party, is the rival candidate and a proponent of more humanitarian-focused policies. She is on a presidential ticket with Congressman Isolde Rochester, matriarch of the famous Rochester dynasty.

    Sofia Trevino, political correspondent for The Federal Times, commented:

    “Following months of delay, logistical issues caused by the Thargoid war, plus the drama surrounding Zachary Rackham, voting is finally underway. Analysts believe this could be one of the closest-run elections in the Federation’s history, reflecting the polarisation that has taken place in recent years.”

    “Support for the Republican Party has been bolstered by its increasingly successful handling of the Thargoid menace during the past six months. But Archer’s flagship creation, the Proactive Detection Bureau, remains highly divisive – something the Liberal Party has found success in using to frame its opponent as increasingly authoritarian. How these primary points will ultimately impact the outcome of the vote remains to be seen.”

    The new president will be announced on Monday 16th October. President Hudson will remain in office as caretaker president until the official inauguration of the election winner, expected to take place in the new year.

  • Federal Election: The Imperial Perspective

    As the Federation readies itself for a new president, the Empire is preparing for potential changes to its relationship with its historical rival.

    Last year Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval severed all official collaboration with the other superpowers, except for limited contributions to Aegis. But this does not mean the Empire is ignoring the potential impact of either Jerome Archer or Felicia Winters becoming the next Federal president.

    Senator Denton Patreus remarked on the election during a military parade through the city of Port Isabelle:

    “The Federation’s leaders always reinforce their popularity by framing the Empire as the ‘great enemy’. I expect Archer will have those same aggressive tendencies. In truth, I’d prefer to deal with that predictable approach, since Winters is clearly the more cunning and deceitful candidate.”

    Princess Aisling Duval was asked her opinion while visiting a xenology seminar hosted by the Achenar Research Council:

    “I must admit that Felicia Winters’s style of governance is more appealing, though she should be mindful of her running mate’s influence. But whoever becomes president must break the cycle of hostility between Empire and Federation. My fruitful collaboration with other Aegis delegates, and ACT’s success against the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army, is evidence of how effective inter-superpower cooperation can be.”

    The election was also discussed by Cassia Carvalho, political journalist for The Imperial Herald:

    “The average Imperial citizen has little interest in the Federation’s internal workings, but anxiety in the Senate is high. With the Thargoid war still raging, the prospect of a new president seeking to stamp their authority on the interstellar stage is a major concern. Conversely, some captains of industry anticipate a new era of trade with a friendlier Federation, if the Emperor can be convinced to rescind her isolationist decree.”

    Voting within Federal systems has been running for 24 hours, and polling suggests Felicia Winters holds a slight lead over Jerome Archer. The election will run for another three days.

  • 10 oktober 3309
  • First Captives Freed from Thargoid Titans

    The first humans rescued from the Thargoid motherships have started to arrive, almost all of whom have so far survived extraction.

    The highly dangerous task requires using an upgraded pulse wave xeno scanner to detect human life signs on the Titans. The new sub-surface extraction missiles then target and jettison the bio-storage capsules – as the structures are officially designated – which are then recovered using a cargo scoop.

    All recovered individuals are being assessed by medical specialists. The tri-superpower agency Aegis released this statement to the media:

    “In each case, research teams successfully cracked open the capsules and removed the comatose person. They were suspended within a chemically complex gel, not unlike amniotic fluid, with tubes supplying breathable air and basic nutrients. Between thirty and ninety minutes later, the person wakes.”

    “All recovered individuals are currently being kept in strict medical quarantine under military guard. Molecular scans are being conducted to ensure that no traces of Thargoid material remains, and a period of long-term observation now begins.”

    Dr Himari Grey, an independent healthcare analyst, was permitted to observe these procedures. As part of a report in The Empirical scientific journal, she noted:

    “The former abductees I have seen looked physically healthy, and returned to consciousness easily. Most remembered little about their abduction, though several mentioned an overwhelming urge to ‘escape their ship’ prior to blacking out. Some described being semi-aware of their time in stasis, saying it felt ‘like an extended dream’. Others were in a state of shock or showed signs of psychological trauma – understandably, considering the nightmarish circumstances.”

    “The capsules are clearly designed to sustain oxygen-breathing life forms indefinitely, protected both from the vacuum of space and the Thargoids’ ammonia-based environment. But what the aliens intended to use these people for remains unknown.”

    Aegis later stated that identities are being logged and will soon be made public, with the hope that families and friends will be able to visit.

  • 6 oktober 3309
  • Scientists Study Thargoid Barnacle Matrix Sites

    Aegis xenologists are focusing their efforts on the mysterious alien growths reported on multiple planets and moons in the Trianguli sector.

    These have been designated ‘Thargoid barnacle matrix sites’, due to their resemblance to the barnacles that produce meta-alloys, but are far greater in size and complexity.

    Commander Yoselin Aquino described visiting one of these sites to Vox Galactica:

    “This wasn’t an easy place to explore, since I had to avoid Revenant drones and the occasional Thargoid scout. Once I did get up close, I found it unsettling as all hell. Each barnacle clump was a mound-like structure over a kilometre across, with several rounded peaks. Spaced around these were weird coral trees, which squeeze out a caustic sap-like stuff and dropped bizarre-looking ‘fruits.”

    “What really made me nervous were the spear roots in the middle of the site. They’re made of some toughened substance in a sort of segmented spike, like gigantic skeletal fingers reaching up through the ground. If you ask me, these things are alive in some way. The noises my audio converter picked up made me feel like they were moving, closing around me to drag me down.”

    Professor Shamus Madigan, Federal scientific liaison to Aegis, published a project update:

    “Barnacle matrix sites emit a significant amount of electromagnetic interference which, coupled with aggressive Thargoid defenders, has prevented a detailed underground analysis. However, Aegis is now devoting extra resources to investigate why these organic structures exist.”

    “I can report that geological sensors have detected vibrations resulting from sub-surface activity, with occasional quakes rippling across the ground. This suggests that violent chemical or physical processes are taking place internally. The prevailing theory is that these sites are still not completely formed, but we cannot yet determine their nature or purpose.”

  • 5 oktober 3309
  • Aegis Produces Sub-Surface Extraction Missiles

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Rescue megaships now stock Aegis’s modified mining tool, designed to extract bio-storage capsules from Thargoid Titans.

    The sub-surface extraction missiles went into rapid production following a delivery initiative in the Senlu system. Aegis has confirmed that pilots who transported CMM composites, neofabric insulation and osmium to Springer Gateway can now collect their rewards. Bounty vouchers for all wanted ships destroyed during the past week will also be redeemed at the same location.

    Aden Tanner discussed tactics for using the new module:

    “These specialised devices are designed to be used alongside the pulse wave xeno scanner, which can now pinpoint human life signs beneath the hull of a Titan. If accurately targeted, an extraction missile should penetrate far enough into the outer hull to jettison the pod-like structures containing captives. Assuming the extraction is successful, these capsules can then be taken onboard via cargo scoop.”

    “All pilots who achieve this should deliver recovered capsules to the nearest search and rescue contact. Aegis has provided instructions to medical and military teams standing by at these locations. These personnel will place capsules into high-security quarantine before attempting to revive the occupants.”

    “Once again, I remind pilots to outfit their ships to deal with the Maelstroms’ caustic effects, defensive barriers and Thargoid patrols. Deploying the extraction missiles might also trigger counterattacks from the Titans themselves. These are perhaps the most dangerous rescue missions ever attempted. But I am confident that we can bring many of our people home.”

    The first wave of ships equipped with sub-surface extraction missiles are already making their initial forays into the Maelstroms.

  • Celebrations in Sol for Federal Election

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A series of public events to celebrate the forthcoming presidential election are being held in the Sol system.

    Congress approved a request by President Zachary Hudson to finance a range of festivities, concerts and shows across the home system of the Federation.

    Billions of people are expected to attend, leading to a request for supplies of Crystalline Spheres, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Indi Bourbon, LTT Hyper Sweet and Pantaa Prayer Sticks to be delivered to Li Qing Jao starport in orbit over planet Earth. Congress also agreed to authorise a temporary two-week permit for all Pilots’ Federation members to access the Sol system.

    President Hudson announced the events across all Federal news channels, where he said:

    “Now we approach the time, as determined centuries ago by the Federal Accord, of our civilisation’s most profound tradition: the peaceful transfer of power. I have been deeply honoured to serve as your president for the past eight years. And you, the people of the galaxy’s largest ever democracy, deserve to celebrate all that we have accomplished together.”

    Vox Galactica’s political journalist Conrad Sterling observed:

    “This is clearly a high-profile attempt to boost public morale, one that allows President Hudson to leave office on a positive note. Political critics are viewing it as a way to distract the citizens from the prolonged Thargoid war, the recent Rackham scandal, and various other challenges besetting the Federation. But the eagerness of most citizens to embrace the sentiment proves one fact remains true: everyone loves a party.”

    Voting will open next Thursday for Federal citizens to choose either Vice President Jerome Archer or Shadow President Felicia Winters as their next president. The election winner will be announced at the start of the following week.

  • 2 oktober 3309
  • The Future of the Throne

    The Imperial Senate has formally raised the issue that Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has not yet produced any direct heirs.

    The debate was instigated by Senator Lysandra Courcelle :

    “The continuation of the Duval bloodline has formed the linchpin of our society for over a thousand years. But it has been eight years since Arissa Lavigny-Duval became our ruler. In that time there has been no spouse or consort, no indications of marriage, and no biological heir to the throne. We politely remind the Emperor of her duty to ensure the line of succession.”

    Following a highly spirited exchange among senators, Chancellor Anders Blaine proclaimed:

    “Her Majesty has sacrificed much for the Empire. It is not our place to question her personal choices, but rather to support her vision for our prosperity and security.”

    Gudrun Vestergaard, royal correspondent for The Imperial Herald, analysed the situation:

    “This is a delicate subject, but one of enormous importance. The Imperial Mother’s recent illness has brought into focus the passing of the torch through each generation of Duvals. Every Emperor of the last thousand years has had one or more children. The public has a certain expectation that an Emperor will produce healthy heirs to continue the Duval line, and each new birth is proudly celebrated across the Empire.”

    “However, there has never been any indication that Arissa has a partner, or entertains marriage prospects of any kind. Princess Aisling Duval’s romantic liaisons – including, famously, a Federal ambassador – took the media spotlight for years. Hadrian Duval is married with a baby son, and others such as Archduke Otto Lombardo-Duval have multiple offspring. But Her Majesty seems content to rule alone.”

    “Senator Courcelle has raised a valid question: how long can this continue? And if Arissa remains childless, who will be the next Emperor?”

  • 28 september 3309
  • Deliver Resources for Extraction Missile Manufacture

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis has requested materials to construct sub-surface extraction missiles that recover imprisoned humans from the Titans.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, announced:

    “Using blueprints provided by Sirius Corporation, engineering teams have worked around the clock to modify sub-surface displacement munitions. These adaptations enable the projectiles to breach sections of the Titans’ hulls and jettison the bio-storage capsules embedded within.”

    “We could spend the next few months in a testing cycle, and ideally that would be the case – but lives are at risk and we can’t be sure how much time our missing have. Therefore, we have approved mass production of these sub-surface extraction missiles. Industrial materials are urgently needed to establish assembly centres, so that we can distribute them as rapidly as possible.”

    Princess Aisling Duval, who is coordinating the Empire’s involvement with Aegis, transmitted a personal message:

    “My heart goes out to the families and friends of the millions unaccounted for following the Thargoid invasions. But I urge you all to hold onto the hope of seeing your loved ones again. With this breakthrough, we finally have a chance to rescue some of those poor souls. Nobody doubts that this will be dangerous, and yet if this war has proved anything, it’s that we can rise to any challenge when we work together.”

    Aegis has requested shipments of CMM composites, neofabric insulation and osmium, to be delivered to Springer Gateway in the Senlu system. To protect transports, bounty vouchers for all wanted ships in the system will be redeemed by the Green Party of Senlu.

  • 27 september 3309
  • Thargoid War Update: September 3309

    The race is on to develop technology which can recover humans from Thargoid Titans, reports Vox Galactica journalist Jade Sanderlyn.

    “Now we know the stomach-churning truth: the Thargoids are keeping people they abduct alive. The dramatic leak of a high-level conversation within Aegis confirmed that Thargoid tactics had shifted to incorporate the mass abduction of humans. Seo Jin-ae’s telepathic connection to the aliens revealed that captives are being stored inside pod-like structures aboard the Titans. She also sensed that the Thargoids considered these captives an important part of their invasion plan.”

    “Aegis took these visions seriously, releasing an update to the pulse wave xeno scanner that was designed to test her hypothesis. Sure enough, those pilots who dared make a close approach to the Thargoid motherships detected human life-signs beneath their hulls. This is where civilians from conquered systems are being held. For what purpose? We scarcely dare imagine.”

    “Demands to save these people from their unknown fate have rippled across every inhabited world. To their credit, the three superpowers have empowered Aegis to make this its top priority. Even Sirius Corporation has offered assistance, sharing designs for a modified sub-surface displacement missile that might be capable of extracting these pods from within the Titans. Time is of the essence, since not even Seo Jin-ae knows for certain what the Thargoid intentions are for the prisoners.”

    “From the scientific community to the general public, there is enormous speculation. What state will the captives be in, assuming they can be recovered alive? Will they even be recognisably human? Some xenologists claim that the life-support chambers – to protect humans from the Thargoids’ toxic atmosphere – mean a stable physical condition is probably. But whether this is a necessity of their capture methods or an intentional step in a broader process remains unclear.”

    “Meanwhile, anti-xeno forces continue to achieve impressive results. The number of Thargoid-controlled systems has reduced significantly from only three months ago. Alien fleets are apparently struggling to expand their territory, with organised system defences supported by the Pilots’ Federation preventing the loss of new systems. What seemed like a near-hopeless task when the Maelstroms arrived has become a shining example of human courage and determination for future generations.”

    “This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

  • 25 september 3309
  • Aegis Resolves to Free Abductees from Titans

    With human life-signs now confirmed beneath the hulls of the Thargoid Titans, the urgency to mount a rescue mission has intensified.

    Many pilots equipped with the updated pulse wave xeno scanner detected signals that match living humans on every Titan mothership. As a result, Aegis has prioritised finding a way to recover the abducted. A potential solution has emerged, reportedly via a low-ranking engineer within Sirius Corporation.

    Director Ivano Colombera, the Empire’s scientific liaison to Aegis, explained:

    “Li Yong-Rui has shared Sirius Corporation’s projects to counter Thargoid abductions, and this has accelerated our work. Among their research was a blueprint that repurposes sub-surface displacement missiles – a commonly used mining tool – to breach Thargoid vessels and expose captured escape pods.”

    “These missiles were originally designed to extract mineral deposits from within asteroids without causing its destruction. Our consensus is that with some modifications, they could be deployed to target the human storage chambers within the Titan and retrieve the captives safely.”

    Aden Tanner discussed the approach with cautious optimism:

    “This could be the non-lethal rescue method we've been searching for. However, these missiles are intended for minerals not people, and Thargoid technology is poorly understood. We must ensure that we won't inadvertently harm those we’re trying to save, and prevent an aggressive reaction from the Titans themselves if possible.”

    Aegis confirmed that it has begun manufacturing prototype sub-surface missiles capable of penetrating the Titans’ outer hulls. Further developments are expected to be announced shortly.

  • 22 september 3309
  • Rackham Withdraws from Presidential Election

    Zachary Rackham has officially ended his election campaign, following the discovery of evidence that supported claims of his criminal past.

    Federal Times journalist Bryanna Blanco published the results of an investigation by the Wallglass Investigations Agency, which included a message archive found on Zeta Trianguli Australis A 7 a. These findings strongly support a long-standing rumour that the trillionaire operated as notorious pirate lord ‘Calico Zack’, prior to inheriting his family’s wealth.

    PR consultant Anya Blackriver delivered a statement, in her role as campaign manager:

    “Mr Rackham has decided that these attempts at defamation are a regrettable distraction from his election campaign. His amused tolerance of the nickname ‘Calico Zack’ – a nickname assigned to him by the media, I should point out – is not an admission of any true link to that despicable outlaw. Rather than allow the race for the Federal presidency to be clouded by these ridiculous claims, Mr Rackham’s legal team has advised a focus on defending his good name away from the spotlight.”

    This announcement came a day after Congressman Harlan Turk formally resigned from his role as Zachary Rackham’s running mate. He will continue representing the Duamta system as an independent.

    Federation correspondent Patricia Chen reported on the situation for Vox Galactica:

    “There is speculation Rackham was warned that any further revelations could render him unelectable to the majority – and open to criminal charges. While the Federal Times piece is mostly based on circumstantial evidence at this stage, Rackham’s willingness to concede his claim to the presidency suggests a nervousness towards deeper dives into his past. His business portfolio has also been severely damaged, causing billions of losses in share price. Investors and corporate partners are avoiding any association with the man who may once have been Calico Zack.”

    “Both of his political rivals welcomed the news. ‘Nobody with even a hint of criminality deserves a position of such significant power,’ remarked former FIA director Jerome Archer, while Felicia Winters agreed it was best that Rackham ‘stands aside to let the grown-ups do their work.’ The electoral race is now evenly balanced between the two, with voting scheduled to take place in October.”

  • 18 september 3309
  • Wallglass Links Rackham to ‘Calico Zack’

    The Federal Times has published evidence that trillionaire and presidential candidate Zachary Rackham was once the pirate lord ‘Calico Zack’.

    The newsfeed featured a detailed exposé by financial journalist Bryanna Blanco:

    “The Wallglass Investigations Agency has confirmed my long-held suspicions about Zachary Rackham’s past. With the timely assistance of independent pilots, we have unearthed a message archive concealed in the Zeta Trianguli Australis system.”

    “This was created as insurance by a pirate named Angelo Defries. Wallglass’s analysis revealed that Defries learned of Zachary Rackham’s alter-ego over sixteen years ago, and threatened to transmit evidence to several newsfeeds – including, ironically, us here at The Federal Times.”

    “While Defries seems to have disappeared around 3292 with his evidence withheld, conversations from that period were traced to the Wishbone Point facility. Wallglass, in conjunction with volunteer pilots, tracked down and decrypted the damning logs.”

    “This vindicates my many years investigating Rackham’s criminal activities and corruption. More importantly, we have proved that the Federation is at risk of electing a pirate lord as its president.”

    Vox Galactica reporter Patricia Chen covered the story:

    “Mr Rackham strenuously denied these allegations, stating that he always tolerated ‘being associated with a mythical figure’ as it gave him ‘an aura of danger that was useful in boardroom meetings’. His devoted followers say that the evidence was manufactured for Wallglass to find, and that Bryanna Blanco is secretly funded by either Jerome Archer or Felicia Winters.”

    “However, high-profile supporters such as business magnate ‘Sir’ Randolph Plaskett and ICE-caster Sura Oyekan have publicly withdrawn their support. The value of shares in Rackham Capital Investments has also nosedived. With a month until the voting period opens, this discovery has disrupted an already much-delayed Federal election.”

  • 14 september 3309
  • Aegis Releases Upgraded Xeno Scanner

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A pulse wave xeno scanner upgrade that can detect human life signs on Thargoid Titans is now available.

    Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis, announced the campaign’s successful conclusion:

    “The upgraded pulse wave xeno scanner will isolate human life signs aboard the Titan motherships. If Seo Jin-ae is correct that some of our missing populations are being stored by the Thargoids, this could be the most important technological breakthrough in the war. I’m deeply grateful to all those who helped make it a reality.”

    “Aegis is already trialling potential methods to rescue abductees, providing they can be located. I have also accepted Li Yong-Rui’s invitation to discuss the recovery methods already explored by Sirius Corporation, following majority approval from our superpower delegates.”

    Former Federal admiral and current Aegis military strategist Aden Tanner discussed the practicalities of locating human captives:

    “I want to remind pilots of how dangerous this task will be. Ships must be equipped with caustic sink launchers to survive within the corrosive Maelstroms, as well as Thargoid pulse neutralisers to breach the Titan’s defensive barrier.Flying close to the surface of the Titans is no easy feat, plus there is an ever-present risk of attack by patrolling Thargoid vessels. But I know how determined many of you are to find these poor souls. Every human identified is a potential life saved the moment we have the tools to do so.”

    In advance of the pulse wave scanner upgrade, Aegis hosted a campaign in the Rabh system which aimed to resupply low-stock commodities for the broader humanitarian efforts. Independent pilots managed to deliver quantities of neofabric insulation, polymers and thallium. While the eventual total received was lower than anticipated, current stocks should now be sufficient while a permanent supply chain is established.

    CD-51 1447 Imperial Society is now rewarding contributors to Aegis’s initiative at Muller Terminal in the Rabh system. Pilots who protected deliveries by destroying wanted ships can also now redeem bounty vouchers.

  • 11 september 3309
  • Sirius Corporation Discusses Thargoid Abductions

    Sirius Corporation has revealed a long-running project to rescue people who were captured by the Thargoids.

    CEO Li Yong-Rui made this statement during a press conference:

    “Shortly after the early reports of Thargoid Interceptors collecting inhabited escape pods were received, Sirius has explored several possible countermeasures. Various remote recovery methods had been designed, although only a few prototypes were ever constructed.”

    “Now that the Thargoids are conducting widespread, systematic abductions of living humans, we believe that this research may prove crucial to saving millions of lives. Sirius Corporation is willing to bypass the commercial potential of our work and share it directly with Aegis. I have personally requested a meeting with Professor Tesreau to provide details and discuss options.”

    Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran, who oversees the Alliance’s contributions to Aegis, was invited to comment by the Old Worlds Gazette:

    “The Assembly has no knowledge of this project, since it falls outside of our strategic defence pact with Sirius Corporation. My concern is whether this comes with an expectation of a reciprocal data exchange. Li Yong-Rui’s offer sounds like an altruistic gesture, but sometimes the true price of information is unclear. I intend to discuss this with the other Aegis coordinators before any decisions are made.”

    Aegis is currently gathering resources for an upgraded pulse wave xeno scanner, which can locate human captives held on Thargoid Titans. There has been speculation that Sirius Corporation’s research may prove useful to the anticipated next step: rescuing those abductees from their confinement.

  • 7 september 3309
  • Rescue Megaships Scheduled to Redeploy

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    The eleven megaships coordinating evacuation efforts from Thargoid-invaded systems are set to move over the next few weeks.

    Military analysis of the current front line has highlighted that the distance between active conflict areas and the megaships can be decreased with an acceptably low degree of risk. Vice Admiral Skylar Anderson, part of the Imperial delegation to Aegis, offered this comment:

    “Shortening the distance between systems which require humanitarian support and the megaships responsible for coordinating that support is important. Until now we have urged caution to maintain their current safe positions, since these vessels are obvious targets for Thargoid attack. But as our brave pilots continue to regain territory and push the alien forces back, we feel confident that this is the right decision.”

    From September 7th, the following megaships will temporarily cease offering new mission contracts. They will redeploy to new locations on September 14th, with missions offered once again:

    Rescue Ship Foerster

    Rescue Ship Hutner

    Rescue Ship Seacole

    Rescue Ship Yoshida

    Allied Solace

    From September 14th, the following megaships will temporarily cease offering new mission contracts. They will redeploy to new locations on September 21st, with missions offered once again:

    Rescue Ship Bertschinger

    Rescue Ship Cavell

    Rescue Ship Cornwallis

    Rescue Ship Kisseih

    Imperial Sanctum

    Federal Haven

    Any ships or modules stored on the rescue megaships will be transported safely to the new location.

  • Upgraded Xeno Scanner Requires Resources

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    Aegis aims to provide an update to the pulse wave xeno scanner that can locate captive humans on Thargoid Titans.

    Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Alliance’s scientific liaison to Aegis, informed the media about the project:

    “Information provided by Seo Jin-ae suggests that people abducted by the Thargoids are being kept alive aboard the Titan motherships inside ‘pods’. This theory makes sense - since Thargoid atmospheres are toxic to humans, any captives are surely sealed in an environment that meets their respiratory and nutritional needs.”

    “The pulse wave xeno scanner has been modified by Allied, Federal and Imperial technicians, working in concert using Aegis’s communications protocols. The module’s electromagnetic pulse technology aims to identify these pods by detecting several key markers generated by living humans.”

    “A broader effort to prepare for humanitarian rescue efforts is underway, but we have encountered a shortage of neofabric insulation, polymers and thallium. Shipments of these materials are urgently required to support the crews onboard rescue megaships in its vital work.”

    Contributors are asked to transport these commodities to Muller Terminal in the Rabh system. The CD-51 1447 Imperial Society has agreed to coordinate the enterprise on behalf of Aegis, and will protect deliveries by redeeming bounty vouchers for all wanted ships in the system.

  • 5 september 3309
  • Wallglass to Probe Rackham’s Past

    The Federal Times has hired the Wallglass Investigations Agency to prove that presidential candidate Zachary Rackham was once a pirate lord.

    Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco has long claimed that the business magnate obtained his initial fortune via piracy. Wallglass, an independent firm that is much respected in the intelligence community, is seeking evidence to validate this accusation.

    Harlan Turk, Rackham’s running mate in the election, has lobbied for Congress to halt the investigation. He asserted: “The Federal Times is breaching the impartiality rules of journalism, and violating the security measures afforded to all presidential candidates.”

    Political ICE-caster Sura Oyekan also voiced her objections: “This is an outrageous attack on the reputation of a respected public figure, a great man who has contributed so much to Federal commerce and culture.”

    There was a more speculative approach from independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse:

    “Hiring the Wallglass Investigations Agency to dig up dirt on Zachary Rackham is a smart move, albeit an expensive one. They’ll already have insights from their own detectives Gunnarson and Wolfe, who infiltrated the Jokers’ Deck gambling circle and found Rackham was a member. Or was he really there to quietly fund the coup against Archon Delaine by two of his own arch-corsairs? I think we all know the answer.”

    “Wallglass might also have access to the finance systems of Rackham Capital Investments, which were originally acquired by a hacktivist group known as the Collective. These nameless geniuses stole a billion credits – the same amount suspiciously won by Rackham in the Federal Grand Lottery – and distributed it to former employees whose pensions had been illegally withheld. Bravo!”

    “The latest rumours are that Wallglass has tracked down fellow pirate Taja Gavaris, the ex-CFO who attempted a corporate takeover. Allegedly she fled Federal space after Rackham counter-blackmailed her, but if anyone knows where the bodies are buried, it’s Gavaris. I’m expecting some juicy revelations soon.”

  • 1 september 3309
  • Materials Received to Construct Duval Statues

    Pilots’ Federation ALERT

    A campaign by a minor Imperial Family member to deliver precious materials to Laedla has concluded.

    The shipments of gold, jadeite and platinum will be used to construct statues of Duval family members, to be erected in public spaces in planetary cities across the Empire.

    The project is the brainchild of Archduke Otto Lombardo-Duval, who announced:

    “I am deeply grateful to all the pilots who mined or transported the resources we required. Work has already begun to forge them into beautiful works of art, commemorating past Emperors and other noble holders of the Duval name.”

    “It is my honour to confirm the first two statues will be of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, located in the palace’s central plaza on Capitol, and of Lady Florence Lavigny, placed within the main square of Topaz’s capital city alongside the memorial sculpture of Emperor Hengist.”

    Laedla Empire Assembly is now offering payment to those who delivered the required materials to Kummer Acropolis in the Laedla system. Bounty vouchers for all wanted ships destroyed within the system will also be redeemed.