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starfish [BI-11B]
(Beluga Liner)
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9 dec. 2020
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983.380.492 Cr
Welcome to the future

Nothing says future as a nice and well balanced mix of space tech and green vegetation. While I'm making my way up the ranks of the Federation, it's nice to stop and relax here for the night:

The BUMP docked at Chargaff Installation (CHAKPA) Chargaff Installation (CHAKPA)

Back to the roots

I think I'll stay in the Bubble for a while, I've decided I need to actually visit Sol. I mean...what's the purpose of being an explorer if I do not at least pay a visit to humanity's cradle?

I'll need to increase my rep with Federation in order to get access to the system, but it'd be a fun diversion from exploration duties for a while. Also I think I could expand my fleet a bit, the Wanderer is going to be great for venturing in the dark with its new build and expanded range, but for doing cargo or facing pirates it is definitely not the right ship.

Coming home for Christmas

And back I am, in the Bubble. I've decided that I've collected enough data for this trip, and now I've a pretty good idea about what I want for my build, and that's my new target. As soon as I'll finish up the build, I'll have almost doubled the jump range and I should be a bit safer in case I mess up.

And of course it's good to be home for Christmas :)

...must come down!

Here I am, after succesfully completing the second part of my first exploration trip. As exciting as it was going all that way up above the galactic disk, I knew I must come down again...but that didn't mean I shouldn't find a way to make it exciting!

I had three options here:

  • go back to the Bubble from where I started in the Coalsack Nebula (maybe arriving in time to take advantage of the increased payouts from UC)
  • set course toward Colonia stopping by an outpost in the Blu Thua sector (the closest one to my position)
  • go to Mammon via a series of Neutron star assisted jumps (and do something new!)

Of course it was easy too choose: I had never seen a neutron star up-close, let alone used one to supercharge my FSD, and after all my main goal for this trip was to learn something new!

And so finally here I am, docked at the Mammon Monitoring Facility, back to civilisation once again! This base is something I had never seen before: built within a big chunk of rock in the ring belt of a gas giant, you can actually see the large pads still under construction.

Time to rest now, I'll soon get back on board for the next part of this voyage.

What goes up.....

I made it! I've reached my first provisional goal: go as far above the galactic plane as possible with my current build. Granted it's not the "Roof of Space", but still it's an impressive view: the galaxy from here starts to resemble a disk, not just a bar of stars spanning the horizon.

The Core from Praea Euq YG-B b5-90

I could probably go a few more hops using jumponium but that's not part of the goal here: I knew there were limits to where I could arrive, my build is far from perfect, but for a first foray into the black it's been fun!

Another thing I'm starting to appreciate is how you can travel for a few systems being the first one there (and that's exciting even this close to the Bubble) and then you suddenly find yourself in an already explored area, your path crossing the one of another explorer going his/her own way through the galaxy... you'll never probably meet (the galaxy is BIG), but for a moment you share something maybe no-one else has viewed....and maybe never will!

Anyway now it's time to get back to the board and plan for the next leg of this voyage...will it be back to the Bubble or further deep into the black?


I knew that there were some outposts out there, but today I've noticed that some of them are actually closer to my position than the Bubble. True, they are in the opposite direction of my "temporary" objective but maybe....just maybe...this could become something more than a quick trip into the black and back home.

The galaxy disk looms big in front of my ship it calling to me? I think things are going to get interesting sooner than expected....


It's been less than a week since I left the Bubble for my first foray into the black. I didn't have a specific goal in mind, just travel some 2KLy in some random direction toward the core and see what I'd find there.

About halfway from my first target I decided to change direction aiming straight up above the galactic plane. Still no clue where I'll end up, but it's just to get the feel of exploring untill I can get a better ship and do some long-range travel.

At the moment though I've achieved some first discovered systems and some first mapped planets too. I've also roasted my ship a couple of time too close to a star and almost smashed it into the ground in a botched attempt to land....well I guess that's part of the "discovering things" process after all :)