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skimmer Scourge [ZE-18I]
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10 dec. 2016
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202.877.006 Cr

A cheer for my buddy who's finally saddling up in his new Sidewinder! Great to have you along!

Cigar Town

I really need these bandits out of my system. I need those cigars, and there won't be a sizable amount with all those pirates around. So... It's time for some Deus Vulture! Yes, I know it's un-engineered. But that's what I'm working on! It is all according to plan (I hope).

HIP 14045 - Engineering

I'm in the process of engineering my ships. Through both cajoling and some perhaps underhanded measures, I've finally been able to make contact with Hera Tani. It's time to boost that energy output. But also, there's just a ton more engineering to do to finish my new pet, the Federal Corvette. I don't know what Hera will think about that, but I suppose she'll do it for cash, like anyone else.

Federal Corvette

Finally I found my ship in a Le Yong-Rui system. I had to scour a bit back and forth to find all the parts, but now at least the ship is fully built. Only engineering left. Here's the build I'm going for: Ormen Lange.

Now I'm off to befriend the Eurybia Blue Mafia in the hopes of a presentation to Liz Ryder. I hear she can perhaps get me in contact with someone who will be able to boost my power supply a little, so that I can run all these modules I've just installed... We'll see how it goes, but as we speak, I've ordered for several ships to be sent to my system, so that I can tickle the information out of the local mafia clan here. Wish me luck!

One Billion Credits

And just like that, my bank account tipped a billion credits. Time to find a place to purchase that Federal Corvette! :D

Mining my own business

It feels a little sad to leave the nice Pettit station in the Thraskis system, but my ship must go where the profits are best. I haven't been logging as fervently the last time units because I've been grinding ranks for the Federation and mining those sweet Void Opals for my own greed. My end goal is a Federal Corvette that'll slice through any opposition like a hot knife through butter. I want it. It will be mind. And I'm close to getting it!

First 100 Ly Jump

The jump between Deicat to LHS 2027 is actually 103 Ly.

I got some great tips from a friend about how to fit up a bubble hopper, so I bought a brand new Diamondback Explorer and built up this neat little hopper. On regular days it does nearly 70 Ly, but I juiced it up a little, to get it up to 103.5 Ly.

This is gonna be fun!

Meanwhile peeps in Deicat complain over local about gangsters. Oh well, this is a good a time to leave Deicat as any other I guess. But I'm sure to return later, for more of that sweet, sweet jump range stuffs from Felicity Farseer.

Exigus - Perkana

It's time to move. I need a system where I can enhance my reputation with the Federation, because flying these old rust buckets... No, it just doesn't become me!

Why Perkana? Well, it's boom times, and it seems a great high tech place to offer my services.

Exigus, Mudslay Depot

Ok, finally got the right module on, and I'm ready rescue the poor souls of Slackagers' Hangout. Wish me luck!

Maghirvii, Grothendieck Enterprises

Note to self: Just fit a bloody FSD before you go for a run in the Orca! Sure, it's a 911 ship, but just have the other module shipped afterwards. It's well worth the added hassle of having to dock to refuel every second or third star. The lack of a scoop also lost me the chance to boost at no less than two neutron stars...

Anyway, I'm on the way to Exigus, and I should of course have checked beforehand that there are already other Large Pad stations there, which there are. And so the process of shipping another passenger unit there for the rescue operation is not much of a problem. Probably a unit can even be bought there, if I get bored from waiting.