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Czas rozpoczęcia 1 maj 2019, 00:00:00
Czas przybycia 1 paź 2019, 00:00:00
Układ początkowy Beagle Point (Beagle Depot)
Punkty kontrolne 7
Układ docelowy Sol
Uczestnicy 35
  - Abandonment 1
  - Success 23
Szacunkowa długość 84 407,41 ly
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The Voyage Home will not be as much organized as DW2. The chosen way of communication way is via this PS4 Chat-Group or In-Game. Of course, as some of us are still connected via FleetCom or IPX-Discord, this way to communicate is still available, and there is an extra "Voyage-Home" Discord Sub-Channel in the IPX-Discord.

The expedition will take place in the AllCrowsAreBlack private group on PS4. This way, we can stay in touch with all the other CMDRs, that chose to take a different route towards the bubble and keep our friendly bonds.

We are trying to establish a weekly progress of about 5kly but there are no scheduled Meet-Ups. But We are taking an 4WP - Prolog -route on the very outer rim of The Solitude Void towards Voyager's Reach (including some systems as waypoints, that are not yet discovered for EDSM.) After arriving in Voyager's Reach, we will follow the officially plotted route of Erimus Kamzel: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/distant-worlds-2-epilogue-acknowledgements-the-voyager-trail-route-and-dw3-speculation.510854/post-7772846

As the schedule until launch is very tight, there certainly will be things that have to be sorted out after launch. But we all are expedition veterans so we will accept the challenges as they arise.

CMDRs on other platforms are of course welcome to follow the route and are advised to use the FleetComm or Mobius Private Groups.

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Układ Dystans od początku Osiągnięty przez uczestników Uczestnicy odwiedzili
#1 Beagle Point (Beagle Depot)
#2 Dreeckia EB-W c2-0 5 224,96 ly
#3 Cho Eur GX-L d7-5 (Archived: Jovian Assembly) 11 141,38 ly
#4 Pyrai Eohn LM-V c18-0 17 888,46 ly
#5 Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0 (Voyager's Reach) 22 876,04 ly
#6 Rotheau SZ-O e6-895 (Archived: Rattla) 52 671,18 ly
#7 Mynoaw AA-A h26 (Singularities Playground) 65 427,70 ly
#8 Cat's Paw Sector HR-W d1-31 (Red Storm Geysers) 78 920,26 ly
#9 Sol 84 407,41 ly