Gildie > Children of Raxxla

Imię: Children of Raxxla
Sojusz: Independent
Rząd: Anarchy
Połączone drobne frakcje: Children of Raxxla
Układ macierzysty: HR 6421
9 / 100

There are many mysteries out there in the vastness of space. Not everything has been categorized and fully explored, neither – and thankfully – are the wonders of the galaxy understood. The Children of Raxxla embrace these wonders and mysteries. The path to understanding lies ahead and the illumination of the human mind through conceiving our place in the cosmos is the key to a prospering galactic community. As such, the Children also propagate the freedom of information and research and frown on those who would withhold or bend the truth to further their whims and plans. The Children seek to lift the veil that the power hungry try to impose on makind. They try to rouse those from their slumber whose minds have been clouded by lies and spin. Only when this veil has been lifted can mankind begin to understand all the wonders that are there and yet still hidden.