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Long Trip to OEVASY SG-Y D0 at Salomé's Reach via Beagle Point

I have spent a fair bit of time in the Bubble getting a new ship equipped for my journey to Beagle point and OEVASY SG-Y D0 at Salomé's Reach

I have built a 64 LY Anaconda the JDS Lexington and IO will begin the long journey to the other side of the Galaxy.

Why am I doing this? The biggest reason is to say yes I was there and made the journey also I want a shot of the Galaxy looking at it from the fringe just like everyone else

I have 5 premium Jumponium which should still allow me to get there and back if not then the system has all the materials I need to get back to beagle point

My first leg will be to return to colonia then the plan from there is to head to Beagle point from Colonia and hopefully a smooth ride to OEVASY SG-Y D0 at Salomé's Reach

Once I have taken my screenshots of the next jump to reach these goals and the landing shots on the planet I will make my way to the bubble via Sag A and then home and then to figure out my next adventure

I am feeling good about this I have my ship decked out as I need it with 2 field repair kits and a heat sink launcher and a scarab so im confident wish me luck!!!! my next log will be the Colonia leg

Bubble Graea Hypa AA-A h315

From Byua Aim RV-X c1-142

To HIP 54530

Distance 15969.07 LY

Jumps 271

Total Jumps 474.00

Distance to Home system 15969.07 LY

Log Not much of the of logs I have decided to do a direct route to my home system so I can be in time for the release of Odyssey I will then refit the JDS Concordia for exploration and gear for Odyssey then decide what my next exploration area will be

The JDS Midway II has been decommissioned The perfornce during the travels was average at best I have commissioned the JDS Intrepid a Krait Phantom to replace her

The Bubble Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390

From Dryau Scraa AA-A h747

To Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390

Distance 2835.02 LY

Jumps 24

Total Jumps 168

Distance to Home system 18,964.45 LY

Log of course me being me I decide to nudge my ship forward a little and I slam into the exclusion zone of the black hole and drop from supercruise looks like I will need my heat sinks to get out of here

The Bubble Dryau Scraa AA-A h747

From The Great Annihilator

To Dryau Ausms KG-Y e3390

Distance 5708.42 LY

Jumps 72

Total Jumps 144

Distance to Home system 22,985.21 LY

Log I had to divert to a carrier because I suffered major damage I have managed to get to the carrier and repair hopefully I can make it home without further incident

Oh my god this system a neutron star and a black hole orbiting each other and a gas giant and I mean giant with two other planets very close to it no wonder the carrier had settled here

The Bubble Eord Flyue AA-A h189 (Mordor)

From Phoi Screia GG-Y f314

To The Great Annihilator

Distance 2419.04 LY

Jumps 67

Total Jumps 72

Distance to Home system

Log I had decided to get back to the normal run of getting back to the bubble I have turned around and gone to the Great Annihilator still looks awesome the second time here there were a lot of neutron stars on this route

Return to the Bubble Phoi Screia GG-Y f314 (The Forge of Hephaestus)

From Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 Explorers Anchorage

To Phoi Screia GG-Y f314 (The Forge of Hephaestus)

Distance 3409.48 LY

Jumps 45

Total Jumps 45

Distance to Home system 23,784.97

Log This system wow a white dwarf and a Neutron star near a black hole im glad I made the trip here this system is simply stunning Im going to be taking a good route with great views on the way home

Distant Worlds Cancelled

I have decided to cancel my trip to beagle point and will be returning to the bubble to get myself ready for odyssey I will need to get equipped for another long trek where I can go on planets etc

I will log that journey when im ready

Colonia to Sagittarius A Stage 2

Start: Schee Flyi DN-I d10-8604

End: Sagittarius A

Distance: 5,700.54 LY

Distance from home: 25,887.00 LY

Jumps: 68

Total Jumps: 546

Log: I made it to Sagittarius A and I was wondering after the couple of hiccups at the start of this journey whether I would make it but im here and ready to follow the distant worlds 2 route this will be fun. first things first I will dock and refuel and then work on the route

Colonia to Sagittarius A Stage 1

Start: Colonia

End: Schee Flyi DN-I d10-8604

Distance: 5669.38 LY

Distance from home: 23,638.26 LY

Jumps: 85

Total Jumps: 478

Log: I have left Colonia and im looking to meet up with one of the stages of the distant worlds 2 trip I will travel to sagittarius A and work from stage to stage getting to beagle point of course I will need to figure out what route ill take back but I would like to at least get to beagle point

I had a major impact on a planet surface and took major damage so I set a course for a ship stationed in the Schee Flyi DN-I d10-8604 system I managed to make it and repair my ship at great cost

the ship I docked at is DSSA NECFC Huginn from Colonia stationed there for scientific research im glad these mega ships are out here they give us a docking resource to repair

Colonia stage 11 Colonia

Start: Kashyapa

End: Colonia

Distance: 2,532.96 LY

Distance from home: 24,332.39 LY

Jumps: 41

Total Jumps: 434

Log: Finally Made it to Colonia I think its time to stick around and have a look around before heading to sagittarius A and the distant worlds stages