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Meta-alloys for Farseer. 106 jumps. Did some scanning on the way. Got some codex entries. FM some boring planets close to Sol. Waypoints:

  1. Sol I put Sol on the map so you could see how close(compared to Pleiades) Hyades Sector IX-Q a6-0 is.
  2. Deciat The trip actually starts here.
  3. HIP 48365 I was being a bit cute here. Started 100ly above Deciat to have a chance to discover something new. Close to Sol but it kinda worked.
  4. Buri I plotted a course for a system 100ly above Maia(same logic) which I don't remember now. Somewhere around HIP 21617 perhaps. Since I didn't have a fuel scoop I would have to make stops and rechart anyway. Buri was the first fuel stop.
  5. Hyades Sector IX-Q a6-0 This system is in the middle of a small cluster of brown dwarfs and t-tauri stars that have very few planets and the ones that are there are just rocks or ice balls. This is where I find 5 unmapped ice balls and get my name on the map for the first time - only 216ly from Sol.
  6. Maruda I make my way to the closest inhabited system to report the FM and refuel.
  7. 42 n Persei At this point the jumps get longer and my pirate-hunting cobra is not equipped with a fuel scoop. Since I can't cover large distances anymore I have to rechart to a nearby inhabited system for fuel.
  8. HIP 19072 I cut diagonally across my original route to get a better understanding of how well charted this bridge area between the Core and Pleiades is. Despite being 300ly from Sol this area is completely explored.
  9. Pleiades Sector TD-S b4-1 The jumps are so long in this area that I can't even explore 100ly away from Pleiades. I settle for this system as a test to see how well the area around Pleiades mapped. Despite being almost 400ly away from Sol and having much larger distances between systems and therefore tighter fuel requirements this area is completely explored. It's almost as if the players around Pleiades are much more serious about this exploration thing than the haulers and pirate hunters of the core!
  10. HIP 19072 Since I'm doing a bit of scanning and mapping I use up a bit more fuel than the galaxy map indicated so I almost ran out of fuel midway to Maia. Despite the distances being the same HIP 19072 has more and shorter jumps so I'm able to get myself to safety there.
  11. Maia I make my way to Maia which seems to have every carrier in the galaxy parked there making scanning almost impossible. Annoyed I make my way to the settlement, thankfully meta-alloys are in stock. With next to no hope of finding anything new the trip back is going to be pretty boring. I will probably stick to the shortest route until Maruda where I will finally be close enough to Sol to discover something new. Maybe find an unmapped iceball within 200ly of Sol?
# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Sol 0 / 0 / 0
#2 Deciat 122.625 / -0.8125 / -47.28125 131,43 Ly
#3 HIP 48365 113.65625 / 100.1875 / -62.6875 102,56 Ly
#4 Buri 64.9375 / 44.84375 / -143.8125 109,63 Ly
#5 Hyades Sector IX-Q a6-0 -2.96875 / -32.96875 / -214.21875 124,99 Ly
#6 Maruda -12.125 / -13.15625 / -184.5625 36,82 Ly
#7 42 n Persei -83.5625 / -73.40625 / -244.34375 110,94 Ly
#8 HIP 19072 -54.28125 / -121.03125 / -323.0625 96,55 Ly
#9 Pleiades Sector TD-S b4-1 0.9375 / -152.03125 / -325.625 63,38 Ly
#10 HIP 19072 -54.28125 / -121.03125 / -323.0625 63,38 Ly
#11 Maia (Obsidian Orbital (and other settlements in the Pleiades)) -81.78125 / -149.4375 / -343.375 44,45 Ly
#12 Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 (Alien Ship Surface Sighting) -69.4375 / -180.4375 / -287.625 64,97 Ly
#13 HIP 16813 -57.03125 / -143.375 / -268.28125 43,61 Ly
#14 HIP 13366 -39.625 / -130.8125 / -144.65625 125,47 Ly
#15 Maruda -12.125 / -13.15625 / -184.5625 127,25 Ly