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Colonia became a hive of activity during mid-3302 after the discovery by CMDR Cly of Jaques Station following the starports misjump to Beagle Point earlier that year. It is located on the edge of the galactic core regions, where the Near 3kpc Arm and Far 3kpc Arm converges with the Galactic Bar.

Its original designation was EOL PROU RS-T D3-94, but was added to the Galactic Mapping Project on July 1st 3302 as a POI (unofficially) named "Colonia", and the name was quickly adopted by the exploration community. The name subsequently became official via Universal Cartographics (Frontier Developments) several weeks later in recognition of the CCN (Colonia Citizens Network) community initiatives to name and colonize the region.

When people refer to 'Colonia' it may have several meanings depending on how broadly the term is being used.

In its most narrow sense, it may refer only to the Colonia system itself - this is the star system where Jaques Station is located.

The star system has in turn given name to the nebula it is located within - the Colonia Nebula - and in a broader sense, 'Colonia' may refer to all the inhabited systems within this nebula.

July 3302 - Birth of a Colony

Colonia was humanities first independently established colony beyond the frontier borders of the old worlds. Its inception began in late June 3302 when calls from the exploration community to ship meta alloys out to the stricken starport were made, and this lead to an initiative to establish a working colony in and around EOL PROU RS-T D3-94 - an initiative instigated by Olivia Vespera, and built upon via the Jaunt to Jaques - August Exodus expedition, set up by Jonus Treesong, Unrealization, and Erimus Kamzel. The expedition became one of largest in human history with close to 600 starships in two giant convoys venturing out to the region and helping establish the colony.

The Colonia Citizens Network, founded by Erimus Kamzel, Unrealization, Qohen Leth, and Souvarine soon followed. This offered a communications hub for colonists to utilise and form their own colonial society. From this the colony grew into a hub of activity which saw almost 2,000 colonists join the network and commit to emigrating out to the region during the months that followed.

In January 3303 Erimus Kamzel returned to the old worlds at the request of CMDR Salomé (a political dissident and former leader of the Children of Raxxla) and passed stewardship of the CCN comms hub to Souvarine. Due to its neutrality, Colonia was rumoured to be the final bolt-hole of Salomé had she survived the Premonition Event. Today CCN is administrated by a new generation of Custodians and Colonia as a whole is home to many factions that have emigrated to the region and established infrastructure at many systems throughout the Colonia micro bubble.


# System Coordinates Distance
#1 --- -9800 / 0 / 20100
#2 --- -10000 / 0 / 19850 320,16 Ly
#3 --- -10000 / 0 / 19600 250,00 Ly
#4 --- -9800 / 0 / 19350 320,16 Ly
#5 --- -9500 / 0 / 19300 304,14 Ly
#6 --- -9200 / 0 / 19350 304,14 Ly
#7 --- -9000 / 0 / 19600 320,16 Ly
#8 --- -9000 / 0 / 19850 250,00 Ly
#9 --- -9200 / 0 / 20100 320,16 Ly
#10 --- -9500 / 0 / 20150 304,14 Ly