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Sovanymalac [SV-011]
(Asp Explorer)
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13 окт. 2016 г.
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Leave me be

Today I was interdicted, shot to pieces, had to catapult. Now I'm finishing off a sixpack in my new - thanks Galactic Insurance - Asp. It still have that new car smell. I have to buy a smartphone holder for the cockpit. And a 12V to USB converter. Hell, I hate to be shot to pieces.

Kick into high gear and light a cigarette

Space trucing dumm dumm dumm space trucking. After I came back from my trip to the Celestial Gem I really needed some time flying around. So I'm playing Smokey and the Bandit in Space. Do AI-driven wannabe pirates try to interdict me? Yes of course. Are they successful? No, because my Type-7 may turn like a turtle on sedatives, but I am good. So I'm trucking around, earning my millions in known space. It's nice to be in space.

Listening to Six Day on the Road.

Home at last

The integrity was 77 percent. Good as new. I have to learn to trust the ship more. Asp Explorer is a hell of a ship.

Heading home

I have no idea in what shape my ship is. Hull and systems are all right but integrity must be hell low. We took a 2000 Ly journey, I haven't seen a ship for days. Keep together Soványmalac, I'll fix you.

First star

I woke as my field computer started to bleep. It said I've found a new start. Unnamed, unknown, never before described. I'm officially an explorer now. Need coffee there's exploring to do!