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Sagittarius A* Voyage #1; Leg #5

CMDR's log May 4, 3307

I made it! I am currently at Explorer's Anchorage in Stuemeae FG-Y D7561. I have to say that was a long trip! As I got closer and closer I got more and more anxious and excited. I was using the FSS in every system I went through, maybe missing a few, until I was only 3,000LYs away; then I started "sprinting" only using the FSS once in a while. However, when I was about 4,800LYs away I started to see some systems discovered but only a few planets discovered, I got the remaining one's in those systems. Why can't people at least map out the entire system if you're going to discover half of the system in the first place? Well I had a TON of systems scanned since my last stop at that fleet carrier more then 12,000LYs ago (probably a lot further).

When I started this voyage my Explorer Rank was Pioneer 6%; finishing I made it to 99%...really?... Well I'll get it eventually. I am going to stay around the center of the galaxy for a while to discover and map out as many systems as I can until I feel its time to move on.

Sagittarius A* Voyage #1; Leg #4

CMDR's log May 2, 3307

Well I made a ton of progress on my way to Sagittarius A*., a solid 8,000LYs. For the last 3,000-4,000LYs every system I go through hasn't been discovered yet! I am also using the FSS for every system I go through. I can't wait to see how many accolades I get as well as how much money from this leg of the voyage! I was able to plot a route with 204 Jumps; for me about 10,200LYs. Well until the next time, see you out there...

Sagittarius A* Voyage #1; Leg #3

CMDR's log April 27/28, 3307

First off, I will not be entering money made from each body in any system due to the excessive time it takes.

All the systems I scanned during this leg I sold in Prooe Hypue DK-Y c17-0 537.71875 / -62.4375 / 8666.34375 at Fleet Carrier MZG-5OZ. I like fleet carriers better for selling data, it doesn't seem to glitch when you sell a page at a time. It may be part of that initiative to support explorers with their selling data. My journey continues toward the center of the galaxy. Until then, see you out there...

Sagittarius A* Voyage #1; Leg #2

CMDR's log April 27, 3307

Well I made it to my second stop of my voyage to Sagittarius A*. It only took 98 jumps from the bubble and 86 jumps from the first station from outside the bubble. The system is Trifid Sector IR-W d1-52 -612.40625 / -31.5 / 5182.875 at the Observation Post Epsilon. 5,188.36LYs from BD-07 4419! Still have nearly 21,000LYs to go...

Remember me saying that I wanted to map every body in every system I went to? That isn't going to happen for long voyages, just bouncing around in a small LY range. If I took the time to map everything, I wouldn't ever get to where I am going. What if I blow up my ship? I would lose everything, screw that...

Well I am going to stay around this station for a bit and map a couple of systems. Until then I'll see you out there.

Sagittarius A* Voyage #1; Leg #1

CMDR's log April 25, 3307

Well its time that I take a trip to Sagittarius A* for the first time; and wow what a distance! I am leaving from BD-07 4419 in my Diamondback Explorer. I had passed through only 5 systems before I got to one that hasn't had some bodies mapped. From what I said in a previous log about the urge to map something that didn't have a name on it yet hit. That system is Col 359 Sector RP-M b9-6 -17.03125 / 52.96875 / 318.375

After leaving I came across a station in Pand -10.03125 / -2.40625 / 207.84375 called Sarmiento de Gamboa Port. Which was great! I was able to sell that new data. I ended up getting first mapped by on those bodies. In addition I was first to discover and map: 8 G A Ring and 11 A Ring. I guess nobody bothers mapping the rings... Unfortunately I didn't see how much money I got for that small leg of the trip.

Time to continue out in the black. See you out there.

Chief Petty Officer

CMDR's Log April 23, 3307

My main focus at the moment is trying to get promoted from Petty Officer to Chief Petty Officer in the Federation. I ran a lot of data missions in Ceos/Sothis and finally got a promotion. I acquired the ability to buy a Federal Assault Ship as well as getting a permit for Beta Hydris and Vega systems. Not sure what is there but I will find out at some point (who knows when).

In my travels to BD-07 4419 to get my Diamondback Explorer I came to Wredguia XD-K D8-15 -267.4375 / 8.6875 / -276.1875 and what I found was a 4 star system with only bodies at the D star 18,000 to 22,000 LS from arrival. I thought it was a interesting system. Until next time...

For The Mug!

CMDR's log April 21, 3307

Its time I took a pilgrimage to Hutton Orbital in Alpha Centauri 3.03125 / -0.09375 / 3.15625. I arrived in Alpha Centauri and targeting Hutton Orbital, holy crap! 0.22LY Well this is going to take a while. During the pilgrimage my speed peaked out at 1,832c in my Asp Scout. The voyage took slightly longer than what most people had reported. I took 1 Hour 36 Minutes 48 Seconds from entering "warp" to exiting at 10km away from the station.

I scanned the Nav beacon first and scanned at least a dozen wakes before I docked. Don't want pirates to attack while scanning with my mugs. After I left I headed to Ochosi 27.15625 / 153.03125 / 68.65625 but while halfway there I got interdicted by pirates and took heavy damage; I managed to jump away with my haul at 48%. I managed to get to Ochosi and dock at Perry's Folly to repair and sell my mugs for a nice profit. Unfortunately I didn't have enough cargo space to buy all the mugs and the mega gin. Looks like at some point I will have to do another voyage. But for now I think I'll stick with other exploration...

Heading back to the Bubble

CMDR's log April 19, 3307

Well, I feel like I should head back to the bubble. I want to spend more time out by Orion Nebula but there is so much left to see and do. On my way back I passed through a system called HIP 24212 at 272.28125 / -256.375 / -437.09375 I "honked" the system and decided to map the 1 body that was there other than the star. After arriving back to the bubble, I proceeded to LTT 1798 and stopped at Gilliland Ring to sell my data.

I got a message pop up and gave me a breakdown of HIP 24212. I guess because Inc Crew Shares wanted said data I got a big bonus for the small system. 454,648 + 10,000 bonus and 2,569,877 from Inc Crew Shares Totaling at 3,034,525! I decided to buy a new ship for kicks. I got myself the Asp Scout and upgraded it to a fast and highly maneuverable ship, to change it up.

Following that I did a short Road 2 Riches route and came to Col 285 Sector TT-H C10-4 167.875 / -41.375 / 84.125 and saw 3 water worlds next to each other (B 5, 6, 7) the are a little further than I want to go from an arrival point but this is too interesting to skip. I mapped the 3 planets are went on my way.

At the end of my run I stopped back at Dav's Hope to gather engineering materials for a future run at Khun -171.59375 / 19.96875 / -56.96875 to meet the new engineer and upgrade my modules. I had to get the 3 Soontill Relics on my way there, why they want these materials is beyond me.

I ended my adventure in WISE 1800+0134 -13.40625 / 5.96875 / 24.65625 at Underwood Dock to plan my next trip.

V984 Orionis

CMDR's log April 15, 3307

On my way to the Orion Nebula I customarily "honked" and used the FSS each system I went through. After reaching the cluster of stars in the diagonal I jumped around a bit until I reached V984 Orionis at 596.03125 / -429.625 / -1049.46875 After I honked here I saw 61 bodies on the orbital plane! I mapped the system and noticed that there were most of the moons that weren't Surfaced Scanned. Even though they were between 30,000-35,000LS away I felt the urge to Surface Scan them, have the entire system read discovered by / mapped by. For some reason I got satisfaction in doing so.

Now wait, where am I going to sell my data?! Do I have to travel back to the Bubble? No I don't! PMD2009 48 (Orion Nebula Tourist Centre) at 594.90625 / -431.4375 / -1071.78125 only about 18LY away! Thank you EDDB.io!

I sold my data there and locked in that sweet space bucks! I think this has driven me to start making sure every system I go to to have scanned by / mapped by filled in; at least close to the bubble, not sure about out there in the black or light. See you out there!

Back at the bubble and out to Orion

CMDR's log April 13/14, 3307

So after arriving back to the bubble, Sothis/Ceos, I sold all my data, don't recall how much money I got. :( It was enough however to buy a Cobra MK III and upgrade it to a 30LY jump range and have some weapons for a little combat in the bubble for bounties and such.

After a while of doing that, I got bored with it and wanted to go out exploring but last time was well over 60 jumps round trip and I didn't want to do that again. So I researched info about the wonderful game Elite Dangerous and I learned about engineering, how to and where to get materials, and the big one, Road 2 Riches. So I generated a 35-50 system route and got to work. When all said and done I netted approximately 43,000,000. (You have my attention I thought)

Now I decided to buy a Diamondback Explored and upgraded to the highest jump range and best fuel scoop I could get. 40LY and a 4A scoop. I went off to gather materials for engineering, and to my surprise I enjoyed doing it. I loved landing on planets and going to Dav's Hope and various geological sites scattered throughout. I now was able to upgrade my jump range to 50LY!

Where am I going to go now? How about the Orion Nebula? I checked the galaxy map and saw that there were MANY stars in a diagonal line. That seems interesting, I'll go there. So off I go and it taking FAR FAR fewer jumps. Thank you! I arrived and got to work, more in the next log.