Swoals IL-Y e0 (Goliath’s Rest) [#1369582348]


This system is located at: 2302.84375 / 2852.1875 / 32393.5625

Галактичні координати: R: 32 600,321 / l: 355,934 / b: 5,019
Екваторіальні координати: Пряме піднесення: 17h 16m 9,629s / Схилення: -29° 34'48,029''

Зона життєпридатності:
Metal-rich body (0 to 755 ls), Earth-like world (11 893 to 17 837 ls), Water world (9 752 to 37 767 ls), Ammonia world (24 675 to 67 142 ls), Terraformable (9 263 to 18 482 ls)

Приблизна вартість: 57 418 кр

Звіт про трафік

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Parabolus.

Назва отримана в рамках Проекту картографування Галактики: Goliath’s Rest

2128 ships passed through Swoals IL-Y e0 space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through Swoals IL-Y e0 space in the last 24 hours.

enter image description here

Astrophotography by Parabolus

Located 2,850 light years above the galactic plane, on the fringe of intergalactic space, is a large red giant Carbon Star with a sole landable planet in its close proximity. The orbit of the metal-rich planet is perpendicular to the distant galactic dust and stars, serving as a perfect backdrop for intense light with the Carbon Star in the foreground.

In the distance one can no longer discern distinctive stars, but rather, the galaxy appears as a luminescent haze of glowing light and fire. In the foreground rest a Goliath C-N Carbon Star 29 times the radius of the sun.

With its primary Neutron Star, this system serves as a distant point of departure for those trying to reach 3,000ly above the galactic plane.

Nearby are multiple black holes and Neutron Stars reachable only with jumponium at the upper limits of the galactic ceiling.

Goliath's Rest was discovered by CMDR Parabolus during the SHEPARD Expedition of 3303.


During the Distant Worlds 3305 Expedition, Goliath's Rest acted as Waypoint 8.

  • Basecamp: “Hades Edge”
  • Swoals IL-Y e0
  • Planet/Moon : B 1
  • Base Camp Surface Coordinates : 59.5882 / -55.9190
  • Radius (KM) : 4,183 KM
  • Surface Gravity : 1.41 (Gravity Warning)
  • Geological Activity : None

enter image description here

enter image description here

Astrophotography by Erimus Kamzel

enter image description here

Landing Guide: Link