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(Federal Corvette)
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26 лип. 2016
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The Challenging Dare

Project Ankle Boot out in Blaei Eun sector is more-or-less done. The George Varma was starting to look a little past its prime after all that in-system unshielded travel, so a smart lick of paint seemed like a good idea before tomorrow's DECE meet.

It's only a 70 Kylie round-trip.

Reached the Pencil Sector base, UC love me and my credit balance loves UC. Lots of ELW out there in the wild D boxels of Blaei Eun. Onwards to Shinrarta.

I'll have to see if I can't find more neutrons for the trip back out, they were thin on the ground coming down the arm.

Guess my circumnavigation is technically complete, now.