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Description Yes Believers, The Next adventure in our Odyssey is a survey of Monkey Head Nebula, and its neighboring stellar bodies! Board Carrier FGS Glorious Walz on a week long adventure to mine, explore, make landfall on Planets in and around Monkey Head Nebula, Jellyfish, Crab Nebula, and Rosette Nebula if you so choose!

Duration: FGS Glorious Walz will be departing 00:00 UTC from HR 2926 on August 20th and will arrive at a system within the Soul Nebula after a marathon of transit systems. The carrier will return to HR 2926 shortly after 00:00 UTC, August 30th. Giving Commanders two weekends and 5 week days to take in the sights, explore, and mine.

Fleet Carrier Facilities to expect aboard FGS Glorious Walz: -Repair -Refuel -Rearm -Redemption Office -Interstellar Cartographics -Blackmarket -Shipyard

  • There will be no outfitting available. So please, park a few ships you’ve planned to bring aboard with what you need aboard FGS Glorious Walz. Expect the carrier services to be open to all commanders from here on out.

Ship and Module Recommendations: Outfitting Ships for exploration, mining, and possibly combat! I encourage commanders to bring SRV’s and fighter bays if they wish to make landfall to do surface prospecting, etc. As always with a public-ish event, be wary of nefarious commanders, and be prepared! Since I am supplying a shipyard on Glorious Walz, you can bring multiple ships!

Other Items of Note to commanders, and FGS Members! -If you’re comfortable holding onto your exploration data, please do! We can use it to support our faction back in the bubble upon our return by strategically depositing the data across our systems. If you are uncomfortable with this, there will be an Interstellar Cartographic aboard FGS Glorious Walz to deposit data.

-Miners and scavengers, I will be doing my best to keep a commodities market open, and a secure warehouse for your stolen-ish goods. Bounty hunters, as always the carrier will also have an Interstellar Factors.

One last Item for Newer Commanders: -This journey is over 6,200 lyrs from home. Completing this adventure with us and participating will satisfy the 5,000 lyr requirement to unlock the invitation to Professor Palin after Marco Quent has been leveled up to grade 5/allied.

Flat Galaxy Society Discord Server Link:

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Monkey Head Sector DL-Y d7 1125.25 / 38.875 / -6301.65625
#2 Crab Pulsar 558.5 / -707.40625 / -6941.75 1,134.84 Ly
#3 Cyoidai GH-U e3-3 (Sunny Side Down (Planetary Nebula) / Cyoidai GH-U Supernova Remnant) 663.1875 / -160.9375 / -6773.4375 581.31 Ly
#4 Pheia Ain BA-A g1 632.09375 / 117.625 / -4822.21875 1,971.25 Ly
#5 Cyoide AE-E d13-47 1245.5 / -32.625 / -6300.65625 1,607.68 Ly