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Farthest from Sol: Oevasy SG-Y d0 65,647.34 ly Sam Ishum
Farthest from Colonia: Hyphiemoe YK-P d5-0 50,341.73 ly Taen
Farthest from Sagittarius A*: Angosk OM-W d1-0 45,374.75 ly Allitnil
Highest visited system: Dryeau Aub AA-A h4 3,354.31 ly Allitnil
Highest system: BD+12 2966 7,841.03 ly
Lowest visited system: Kyli Flyuae AA-A h4 -3,381.38 ly jonburnage
Lowest system: HIP 13044 -17,162.34 ly
System with the most number of celestial bodies: TYC 3319-306-1 137 darkinnit
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