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Farthest System from Sol Oevasy SG-Y d0 65,647.34 ly Sam Ishum
Farthest System from Colonia HD 35460 58,567.29 ly
Farthest System from Sagittarius A* HD 23263 56,524.42 ly
Highest Visited system Gliese 443.1 16,671.59 ly C0MMAND3R0
Highest System HIP 57951 39,518.34 ly
Lowest Visited system HD 207340 -29,359.81 ly Cleby
Lowest System HD 207340 -29,359.81 ly Cleby
The most Celestial bodies in system Bleia Dryiae XJ-R e4-1 173 Jjgoldberg
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