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The Colonia Bridge

Mission Outline

As part of Elite Dangerous : Odyssey game patches and Community Goal activities, the Colonia "bridge" is a series of deep space location to aid fleet carrier refuelling and make the trip from the Home systems to Colonia a bit easier.

Colonia Bridge Network

Carriers involvement

The Starlight Enterprise. owner CMDR Xtaseh, departed during Odyssey Patch 9 and will follow a route roughly determined by the existing and adny additional stations created during CG events. Highlighted on EDSM will be interesting finds on the way. The main destination of the carrier will be a return to the Eagle Nebula, visiting other nebula on the way and depending on what the game patches from 9 and onwards bring continue onto Colonia or return back to civilisation.

The Starlight Reliant, owner CMDR Cosmic Drifter, departed during Patch 10, after fdev adjusted the games patch content and returned back to the bubble on several occasions to support the CG for the bridge network improvements. The reliant will visit sites discovedrd from the Enterprise and mine out in the black mainly.

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 HIP 43670 34.65625 / 83.5625 / -100.375
#2 NGC 6530 Sector ZE-X b2-0 -382.78125 / -20.40625 / 4198.09375 4,319.94 Ly
#3 Traikaae SP-J b27-0 -941.53125 / 900.59375 / 4635.28125 1,162.57 Ly
#4 Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10 (Amundsen Terminal) -469.1875 / -84.84375 / 4456.125 1,107.38 Ly
#5 Trifid Sector GW-W d1-220 -618.71875 / -24.90625 / 5184.34375 745.82 Ly
#6 Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117 (Eagle's Landing) -2054.09375 / 85.71875 / 6710.875 2,098.29 Ly
#7 Not provided yet