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Hello and welcome to the The Chimaera Void Expedition!!! - created by Kwiatek2001 and Noobqueen

I would like to invite everyone interested to our journey to edge of the galaxy. Our destination is Sepositus Beacon. At 45,374 LYs from Sagittarius A* and located where the Perseus Fade meets the intergalactic void, this is thought to be the most distant reachable system from the center of the galaxy. Also view will be very similar to the view from Beagle Point, so if you ever wanted to see our galaxy from the edge its really good chance.

But our trip will not go straight to the destination. We are planning to make 4 stops before final waypoint. Each stop will be interesting place to see, not just common system, also there will be time to sightseeing and taking pics.

If you are interested on our tip, please be docked at my Fleet Carrier CHIMAERA H2Q-WVN which will be at FUELUM (home system of Fuel Rats). Departure is at 16/05/2022 6:30 UTC

Here is full route on Spansh - Fleet Carrier route

My Fleet Carrier have all available services. Thats mean that you can take few ships on board and also sell all your exploration datas on my carrier etc. Please also remember to have Fuel Scoop ob board of ship which you will use, and also I recommend to take SRVs.

On the board of Fleet Carrier will be at least 2 Fuel Rats (maybe more) so even if you will end without fuel during exploring system near any of our stops you should dont worry :)

Departure from Angosk OM-W d1-0 to Fuelum will be 23/05/2022 around 6:30 UTC I think that we should be in Fuelum 25/05/2022 (dont know exactly what time)

If you have any qeustions, you can add me on discord: Kwiatek#1726 or if you are on FLeet Carriers Owners Club discord, ping me on 269 channel

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Fuelum 52 / -52.65625 / 49.8125
#2 Rosette Sector CQ-Y d59 (New Beginning / Rosette Nebula) 2345.96875 / -167.4375 / -4752.90625 5,323.68 Ly
#3 Eafoff LN-Q d6-0 (The Eafoff Anomoly) 8728.96875 / 1209.3125 / -5598.75 6,584.34 Ly
#4 Haffner 18 LSS 27 (Skull & Crossbones Nebula) 13388.4375 / 116.25 / -6775.625 4,928.54 Ly
#5 Eol Hypa GE-E d13-2 (Australis Ferris Wheel) 18396.0625 / -58.4375 / -12698.6875 7,758.19 Ly
#6 Angosk OM-W d1-0 (Sepositus Beacon) 22183.28125 / -24.65625 / -13696.59375 3,916.63 Ly