Galactic Mapping > Routes > Exo-Bio trip from Sag A to the Bubble (Following the eastern edge).

With the Thargoid war on, the pressure to return to the bubble has increased.

But after taking a look at Exo-Bio rank thresholds, I realized that I have a long, long way to reachieve Elite status. I'm in the late stages of Taxonomist rank according to the numbers.

I need ~5 billion in data, though there is no real rush to achieve it.

I'm planning to head to the eastern edge of the galaxy to "Reclaim" my exo-bio elite rank, then follow along the edge until I reach the bubble.

This route is only meant to be a guideline. It will change as I travel. Optional way points will have a note attached.

[Additional information]

I'm going to start moving on Monday, Jan 30. The carrier is open to riders and explorers alike.

Check the Inara page for the carrier location.

There is no timeframe, it might take a few months maybe even a year. Life, other games will influence that.

Travel and exploration will be a laid-back experience. I'll make a flight schedule if needed.

[End of Transmission]

I'm planning on taking my Fleet Carrier, so here are some rough estimates:

I need to mine or obtain ~6,000 tons to complete the trip.

I'll try to mine 100 tons a day (One mining run) until the trip is complete.

Cmdr Saimax seen my post and filled my carrier!!! Story on Inara!

11,401 tons of tritium is needed for the trip. ~6,000 for each leg.

Sag A to DSSA Helix:*&used_capacity=6370

DSSA Helix to Sol:

Shrogaae LY-U c2-293 to DSSA Helix: (From current location)

# System Coordinates Distance
#1 Shrogaae KK-A d709 4895.5 / 154.40625 / 20700.53125
#2 Sagittarius A* 25.21875 / -20.90625 / 25899.96875 7,126.33 Ly
#3 Phrae Prau NY-Y d1-15 (DSSA The Helix) 29786.75 / -245.875 / 26047.875 29,762.75 Ly
#4 Flyoo Phio KM-F b55-0 (DSSA TMCV Spartacus) 21986.40625 / -716.90625 / 10357.1875 17,528.97 Ly
#5 GCRV 6807 (IC 2621) 14360.96875 / -1297.03125 / 5685.90625 8,961.29 Ly
#6 Sol 0 / 0 / 0 15,499.98 Ly