Guilds > Belligerent Renegades

Name: Belligerent Renegades
Allegiance: Federation
Government: Democracy
Linked minor faction: Federal Constitutionalists
Home system: Bilongo
6 / 100

We're a Federation-aligned organization with a strong emphasis on conservative-libertarian ideals. What good is humanity without the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? These are the ideas laid out in the constitution of the Federation's ancient predecessor, the United States of the Americas. A free and open society with limited interference from the Federal government is ultimately what we want to see. While the Imperials seek to maintain order with a non-elected monarch and a group of oligarchs with no legal oversight, the Federation offers a chance for true liberty.

The best way to spread these libertarian ideals is through commerce, hunting down wrong-doers, and promoting a happy and healthy society. We act as the naval arm of the Federal Constitutionalists faction and are headquartered at Finney Dock in the Bilongo system.