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Name: Enigma Enterprises
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Corporate
Linked minor faction: Enigma Enterprises
Home system: Ahan
2 / 100

Enigma Enterprises

are a collective of free thinking pilots, They're a none expansionist group looking to place a foothold and claim a system for themselves. The group members are more often out of office delivering vital data and information or making lucrative trades across the systems instead of wasting away behind a desk wondering what is waiting for them out there in the black.

They're an Enterprise of pilots which are beholden to no one galactic power, with the key goals of Profit, Self Preservation, to create allies rather than enemies, and to treat all galactic powers as neutral entities. With profit to be made from them all. However, bringing a negative reputation to the neutrality of the group's cause may bring expulsion from Enigma Enterprises.

The group is focused on Data Courier and Trade routes between all systems, however being a collective of individuals some members may branch out into other morally grey areas of work as they see profit. Be it solving mysteries across the galaxy or hunting down a big old Hydras, all are welcome here to learn or to teach.

Recruitment initiative

As of currently we're also looking for senior management positions to join the Squadron, requirements would be to have a positive disposition and willingness to teach others and have a good time whilst doing so. This position comes with benefits of deciding events for your selected activity, whilst also having a solid say in what else happens within the wider scope of the group.

Senior Management positions available:-

  • Trade
  • Mining
  • Data Courier
  • Exploration
  • Combat
  • Engineering
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling
  • Guardian
  • Thargoids
  • Anti Xeno
  • Biology

Our current plans for the future

The top priority of the group currently is to establish a headquarters within the galaxy, a place to call our own. The only we we can acquire this is with your help, by joining us.

Due to having multiple fleet carries within our squadron we plan on helping members progress as fast as possible with their own endeavors, once we have enough members to make shipping them around the galaxy worth it, there will be trips to the following activities:-

  • Trips to Colonia
  • Trips to the Crystal Forests
  • Trips to the Guardian sites
  • Trips to Thargoid sites
  • Trips to Jameson crash site and other engineering highlights.
  • Wing training on good trading routes within the galaxy for credits
  • Wing training on good data Courier routes with the galaxy for reputations

Hope to hear from you soon space cowboys o7 cmdr The_Northern_Monkey