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Name: GalPhoto
Allegiance: None
Government: None
7 / 1,000


Screenshot folder feeling a little full, have some awesome screenshots but don't know where to post them?

GalPhoto is a community for just that, no politics, no faction, just a group of people who enjoy taking and checking out screenshots & from within Elite.

We are a community of Elite: Dangerous Commanders from all over the galaxy sharing photography in all it's forms! We encourage you to share your here with us! Yes, art. Because every photo is a reflection of individual creativity commonly known as, ART. We look forward to your creativity and hope you have as much fun as we have!

Don't hesitate to give us a follow on twitter and drop into our discord server (where the magic happens) to become One of Us today!

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Currently affiliated with: Deep Space Network | EDEX | ED-VOID | Intergalactic Mining Union | Lave Radio | Radio Sidewinder