Guilds > Operation Ida

Name: Operation Ida
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Cooperative
Linked minor faction: Operation Ida
Home system: Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41
37 / 500

Operation Ida is a joint initiative welcoming commanders from any group, faction, or power. We are open to all players that are willing to participate peacefully in this operation.

Make no mistake: this is a huge undertaking. Most of the stations we are aiming to repair require hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tons of supplies to repair. Even before the stations were attacked, the quality of infrastructure in the Pleiades region wasn't optimal. With the removal of these damaged stations commodities can be hard to find or require 200LY+ trips to acquire.

This great challenge is not without its rewards though. Every station that is brought back online is a huge win for the galactic community - not to mention another potential source of supplies to be used for continued repairs.