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Name: The Gathering
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Democracy
Linked minor faction: The Gathering
Home system: HIP 87414
9 / 100

"The Gathering" is a group of Dutch speaking Elite Dangerous players, the guild is originating from Tweakers.Net, but has evolved beyond that in the years of Elite Dangerous. We're a casual group with a no-nonsense mentality with an age range between 18 and 63. We have been around since beta and plan to stick around until the end of times. Our homebase we hail from is located at Blaauw City in HIP 87414.

We're mostly online at Discord at and from here we like to coordinate community/guild excursions ranging from Thargoid fightclubs, SRV rally races, guild community goal boosts and (unfortunatly) even a yearly remembrance trip. So we're a friendly bunch with a core interest for Elite Dangerous.