Guilds > Off World Collective

Name: Off World Collective
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Communism
Linked minor faction: Off World Collective
Home system: Laka
2 / 100

What is OWC? Off World Collective (OWC) is the dedicated BGS wing. Our goal is to promote and support the ideas of Communism within the human space. USCF embraces commanders from all backgrounds and play styles, as Communism transcends artificial constructions as race, state or nation. As a wing we support the Utopian Communist Ideology/philosophy, rather then a specific country regime from old Earth. We see communism as a path to a just society and unlocking of human potential.

How can I help? Naturally, we appreciate any effort in securing our position in the galaxy. First and foremost, please respect OWC systems by refraining from unprovoked attacks on other commanders. Second, watch this space regarding community goals, faction missions, and other background simulation information.

Which minor faction do we support? In general, OWC supports any communist minor faction around Laka star system and beyond. However, the first priority goes to Off World Collective.

CURRENT OBJECTIVES: Do missions for Off World Collective. Do not do missions for any other faction in the star systems where our communist factions are present. Do not sell goods, hand in combat bonds or exploration data to the stations not owned by a our communist factions. Feel free to set Off World Collective as a supported minor faction in your wing settings

Feel free to join our Discord Channel - here or INARA Squadron - here