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Name: Interplanetary Explorations
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Democracy
Linked minor faction: Interplanetary Explorations
Home system: HIP 2453
27 / 100

Interplanetary Explorations (IPX) is a tight knit, dedicated PwP wing. We promote cooperation between CMDRs and other wings and eschew PvP interactions in favour of being a positive influence on the Galaxy.

Our CMDRs are referred to as 'Freelancers' and often have other engagements and affiliations such as Operation IDA, Hutton Truckers, Paradox Wing, Canonn and the Fuel Rats.

Our Freelancers are dyed in the Remlok space-faring types who value their autonomy, but we do have Squadron headquarters at Lubin Ring, HIP 2453 to which they may return as they wish; a fixed point in an increasingly unstable galaxy. We do not have an expansionist policy from our home system and we try to restrict the BGS from spreading the PMF of it's own accord. You will find us in a few other local systems though because we don't always succeed.

The squadron prioritises station repair and xeno defence. We actively support Operation IDA in the Pleiades and will defend the Bubble and the Pleiades against Thargoid aggression and incursion. Our CMDRs will also usually be found at the heart of community driven events like expeditions, memorials and races or competitions. Right now we have a significant stake in DW2 and will be at the core of the Great Return.

We are primarily a PS4 Squadron, but this is by accident rather than design and we welcome CMDRs on other platforms.